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The Sixth Day

Gives Us What We  Expect

Some things seem to never end.  The Oprah Winfrey Show, 80's music on the radio and Al Gore whining on TV are all examples of things that just won't quit.  A case could also be made that Arnold Schwarzenegger's career has been going strong since his days as Conan and have yet to wane in any significant way.  His muscles, accent and confident looks have raked in hundreds of

millions of dollars portraying everything from a "Predator" hunter to a "Terminator."

In Arnold's latest film, "The Sixth Day" he takes us again into the "not too distant future."  It's a world where cloning has not only been banned by the United States Supreme Court, but they've deemed any clones to be not human and therefore have absolutely no rights.

The bad guy in this film is a clone, a very wealthy and very powerful one who is seeking to overturn the Sixth Day Laws (so called due to the belief that man was created on the sixth day) that the Supreme Court has passed passed.  Adam Gibson (Schwarzenegger) and his business partner are hired to work for this powerful clone for a day of fun and relaxation.  Something goes horribly wrong and there are a few twists and turns that come about that lead to Arnold being thought dead and cloned so that his wife and daughter won't know and eventually sue for damages.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you are in the film, Mr Gibson survived.  This leads to some pretty cliche moments where the main character has to say, "I want my life back!" in his pursuit to uncover the truth and expose the bad guys.

This film is everything you'd expect an Arnold Schwarzenegger film to be. The action scenes are there, the tense scenes where bad guy and good guy stare each other down are there and the social message is there too.  These are all things that are just to be expected and in doing so, you aren't disappointed.

The action sequences are big and spectacular.  Arnold's muscles are just as big here as in any of his films from the late 90s.  There's that quirky sense of humor that just makes you smile quickly in anticipation of a good butt-whipping.

The Sixth Day isn't bad.  Some people say the way to tell if a movie is good is if there are at least three great scenes and no bad ones.  Arnold's latest accomplishment not only fits that description, but it's a testament to the long lasting career of a man who will be long remembered for giving us what we expect and, most of the time, what we want.

Review by Sandro Galindo

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