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Christina Aguilera

Mi Reflejo "Reflects" Singer's Diversity

Latin music is hot right now--without a doubt. Ricky Martin started the trend and it's been fueled by a string of Latin cross-over acts. Popular music is shakin' it's bon-bon to music from south-of-the-border like never before. Noticeably missing from that mix, though, is a

hot Latina to shake her hips and make us dance the salsa. Enter everyone's favorite alternative to Britney fever and certified pseudo-Latina, Christina Aguilera.

Adding one part American pop confection and an equal part Latina sensation, Aguilera calls on her mixed Ecuadoran background to capitalize on the trend with a Spanish-language album: "Mi Reflejo." Complete with Spanish guitars for effect, red streaks (a la Latin superstar Shakira) added to her bottle-blond hair, and trademark blue eyes considerably darkened on the album cover, diva-in-training Christina Aguilera is ready to fill that void.

"Mi Reflejo," named after the translation of her "Mulan" track "My Reflection," positions Aguilera as the first of the current teen queens to tap the market. The move is as perfect as it is formulaic. The album is so patently and deftly crafted that listeners are likely to overlook the fact that, prior to recording, Aguilera spoke not a word of Spanish. Aguilera's voice and a collection of sappily delectable cuts carry this project handily.

The disc blends new tracks like "Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti," a plaintive, beautiful ballad in any language, and "Falsas Esperanzas" with "old favorites." (Is there such a thing from an artist that debuted just last spring?)

Fans will certainly enjoy Spanish translations of Aguilera's back-to-back #1 singles "Genie in a Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants" ("Genio Atrapado" and "Una Mujer," respectively). Aguilera is prepared for a multi-language attack for future hits. Recent smash "I Turn To You" kicked off the trend as "Por Siempre Tu" here. Current top 10 pop track "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)" is here as "Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu)."

The belly-flashing, hip-gyrating teen took home a Grammy last year for "Best New Artist" based largely on the fact that, unlike some of her peers, this girl can belt out a tune. And that fact is very evident here, since it is again the selling point of the album. The fact that it's in Spanish is truly secondary--especially since there's only one "traditional" Spanish track to be found ("Contigo En La Distancia").

If you're looking for a "true Latina," turn to rump-shaker and Puffy's girl Jennifer Lopez. If you want true Spanish flair and power, pick up Shakira's "Donde Estan Los

Ladrones." Aguilera would probably be the first to admit this is nothing more than R&B-flavored American pop in Spanish.

Don't discount her on that alone, though. It's good R&B-flavored American pop in Spanish. Remember, Taco Bell isn't "Mexican" or "Spanish" either, but it certainly does hit the spot sometimes!


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