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Ana Beatriz Barros

MMMM MMMM MMMM.  It takes a tree 18 years to grow its roots strong and majestic yet take a look at this Brazilian princess and see what 18 years in the sun, surf and atmosphere that is Rio de Janeiro have produced.

Ana has a complexion that would make a porcelain statue jealous and stands a full 5' 11" making for the equivalent of a genetic Disneyland.

She's won first place in the Elite Modeling Agency's "Elite

Look of the Year" contest after being noticed on the beach by one of their agents.  Later she sent a portfolio to GUESS?, Inc. and following in the steps of other famous models became their GUESS? girl.

Our MVP of the Week likes the music of Lenny Kravitz and Marvin Gaye and likes beach volleyball and swimming.  No doubt because she looks so good wet.

Ana is still learning English, but has learned enough to become a self-proclaimed "motormouth."  While some of us at YourMVP.net have a few other ideas on how Ms. Barros could work that mouth, we're happy she's continuing her career and hasn't let all of this fame go to her head.  She insists she is planning to go to college and then settle down to raise a family once she meets the right guy. 

Any volunteers?

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