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Tips to score big between the sheets

Last week's article talked about what you do on that first fabulous date to impress a girl. This week you are going to read about what to do once you get to bed! Since every girl is different, you need to take these tips and mix them with some communication--the two of these together are a no-lose situation. You are sure to impress her in bed!

First and foremost is communication, before anything else. If you can't communicate with each other, you will never know exactly what each other is

like. If you have trouble talking about sex with your partner, read next week's article. It will give you an alternate way to communicate your feelings, likes and dislikes regarding sex without actually having to talk!

Secondly, women love a man who knows what he is doing--so act like it! You can start by doing these few things. Pay attention to a women's body language. A woman who twirls her hair, or touches your leg or arm when you make a joke is definitely flirting with you! Take advantage of it and flirt back.

Learning to read a woman can take a lifetime. Be patient and be aware--you will learn.

Now for the good stuff! You need to know exactly what all those body parts are <i>down there</i> and what it feels like to be touched there. Since I am a nurse I am going to give you the medical version of getting to know your woman's body. There are two sets of vaginal lips, outer and inner. Both are sensitive. Think of them like the skin on your scrotum, sensitive . . . but if you pulled too hard it would probably hurt.

The clitoris is the small little bump at the top of the vagina. Sometimes it isn't too visible until a woman is aroused, then it gets a "hard on" just like you. So when you have a hard on, what is the most sensitive party of your body? Well, it is the same for a woman! Yes, that little tiny bump is very sensitive. In fact, that is the part of a woman's body that, when stimulated, brings most women to orgasm. (In fact the same skin tissue that forms a man's penis is the same as a woman's clitoris.) Just imagine all that feeling you get in your large penis is the same for a woman but compacted into one little clitoris. Pretty sensitive! So treat it as so!

A good rule to follow is to start out gentle--you can always go rougher--but if you start out rough you may scare her away! Try imagining her whole vagina as a fragile china doll. Using your tongue, pretend you have to lick the whole doll, but not too hard because you may break it. Take time to find the groves, bumps, and every part inside and outside. Try gently blowing on an area after you have wet it with your tongue, this cool sensation drives women wild! Also, try humming when you are down on her. This vibration just increases the sensational feeling! Try using your tongue gently until you feel her getting moist, then gently slide your fingers into her, pumping in and out. Try keeping the pads of your fingers facing upwards. The area right behind her clitoris (on the inside of her body) is the G-spot. You may touch it and send her into orgasmic convulsions!

What about the "holes" in a woman's vagina? Well there are two of them. One is the urinary tract hole, which she urinates out of. But this one is so tiny and hidden (right under the clitoris) that you will never find it. The other hole is the vaginal hole--you all know this one! This is the one that gives you so much pleasure. So how do you treat this part of a woman's body? The same as you want the shaft of your penis treated. Without any lubrication, entering this area can really hurt a woman, regardless if it is with your penis or fingers. A woman normally secretes a natural lubrication in her vagina when she is aroused. Some women have trouble in this area for many reasons (medication, age, illness). But you can use saliva to lubricate or buy an over-the-counter lubrication. When you are going down on a woman, actually putting your tongue into her (even if you have a short tongue) is extremely erotic! This will also act to moisten the area to prepare her body for your penis. Sometimes you like your penis rubbed softly and sometimes harder and faster is better--the same with a woman. Try just putting the head of your penis into her and pulling out. This is great to do when your woman is already hot and moist. Do this a few times until neither of you can stand it anymore--then thrust it in! This way you get both the gentle and harder versions of sex!

Now that you know the actual parts of a woman's vagina, go explore! Every woman looks different. Get to know what your woman looks like and how she reacts to your every touch. Getting to know each other's bodies is as fun as getting to know each other!

Hey guys, have any tips that you would like to pass on to other YourMVP readers? Send them in!! I will publish them next week!

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