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Barbie Benson:
Up Close and Personal

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet. From doing your everyday shopping to buying obscure collectibles on eBay, technology has truly brought the world to your living room. And, for a little of your hard-earned money, Barbie "Doll" Benson will include a pair of her panties with that--courtesy of PantyAuction.com!

Benson, a statuesque blonde who has appeared in men's magazines from Playboy to Cheri, has been auctioning undies--her own and others'--for the past couple of years and has found business booming! If panties--worn or otherwise--aren't your bag, Benson invites you to join her for one of her many fascinating webcam sessions where she does everything from nude puppet shows to cooking in the buff. Luckily this animal lover is comfortable in her birthday suit, something she unquestionably perfected during her tenure as Miss Nude Canada.

Now Benson takes time away from the webcam long enough to share with YourMVP's Business Manager Sandro Galindo her thoughts on Bert & Ernie, pets, astrology and the letter that makes the other 25 in the alphabet--and her interviewer himself--green with envy!

MVP: Thanks for taking some time out for us!

Barbie: Oh, no problem! Thank you!

I'm sorry it couldn't be a live webcam. I saw some of your other interviews that were done like that.

That's kind of neat isn't it?

Yeah it was really cool.

I had a lot of fun with that.

Your being naked seemed

to distract some of the people who interviewed you, though . . . so I guess that's good for me that you're not naked on my computer right now!

<Laughing> Yeah!

You sell used panties on PantyAuction.com. Are they mostly yours or are there other people's also?

Actually both. I sell mine on there but there are several other women's on there as well and there's even a few guys sometimes.

Are there any famous people on there? Would you want to get famous people's panties on there?

Oh yeah, sure!

Like say, Erin Brockovich's panties or someone else like that, would you want to get them up there?

Oh, can you imagine? <laughing> That would be great.

So you haven't had anyone that famous put up their panties?

We had James Whales from the UK interview you see on my site. He put panties up for bid on there when he did the interview. But that was, I guess, maybe the most famous person.

The most you've ever sold a pair of panties for is $2,000.

They weren't mine they were another girls'. She had $2,000 paid for her panties.

What's the highest bid a guy ever got for his underwear?

I'm not really sure. They don't seem to do as well as the girls.

Would you ever want to do some type of auction for charity such as panties for a good cause?

Oh yes, very much!

Have you done that?

Actually, we're planning something now. What we wanted to do was get on a radio show as well with it, perhaps that Dan and Scott show in New York because they were pretty easy going, and have a pajama party and a 24-hour webcam broadcast.

And give the money to charity?

Yeah, you know, get a whole bunch of girls together and put all of the panties up for bid.

Do you think famous people would then want to donate their underwear?

Perhaps, yes.

Were you going to try to get some guys to do it?

Oh yes. We need to get Howard Stern's underwear <laughing>.

Have you asked him?

No, no, not yet.

What is a "canuck"?

A what?

A canuck.

A canuck? Oh, you mean a can-UCK (PROPER CANADIAN PRONUNCIATION)!

Yeah! Oh, I'm sorry, bad accent on my part <both laughing>.

A Canadian.

Is that all it means? How did that word come about? Do you know?

Yeah, but where did you see that?

I was just wondering because I'm not Canadian and a lot of our readers may wonder. Here in the United States I think we wonder about Canada a lot more than we let on.

Oh, OK. It's just a slang word for Canadian, kind of like the word Yankee.

Good one!

Yeah, it's the same idea as that.

I had a friend in from Mexico this weekend and we were talking about Canada. He asked, "Why is it Mexico has an eagle on its flag, the United States has stars on theirs and Canada has a marijuana leaf on theirs?"

<laughing> It does kind of look like that doesn't it?

What would you say to someone who thinks that?

Well, I don't think it looks exactly like one . . . not that I seem a lot of them <laughing>.


The Queen of England got some in her bouquet recently from Canada.

When she was visiting?

Yeah. There was a guy in Vancouver growing it for medicinal purposes and when she was visiting there he gave her a bouquet of flowers. He put pot leaves in the middle of it. The Queen was carrying it all around.

And the newspapers all over the world put up

pictures of it. I did hear about that.

And the newspapers all over the world put up pictures of it. I did hear about that.


Do you know how to make maple syrup?

Not really. I know they hammer a hole in a tree and it leaks out.

The current Miss Nude USA claims to be drug- and alcohol-free. What do you think of that?

Actually, when I competed in Miss Nude World they drug-tested me as they tested every contestant.

And you passed?

Oh yeah! I don't do anything like that.


Maybe I'll have a drink but lately I've been too busy.

How many hours do you spend on your computer?

Sometimes 12 to 14 hours a day.

This is your full time job?


No more stage shows or anything like that?

No, not right now. I've been asked about coming back but I wouldn't want to do a full week somewhere because I have to be on my webcam. It was fun, though. Just before I quit I tried to get bookings where I could also get a connection to the Internet. When I danced in Australia I ended up getting my own IP address there so I could go on and do my webcam shows from there.

Is it possible to get a Mexican girl's panties from your website?

I just shipped some to Holland!

I mean can you get just about any ethnic girl's panties? Do you discriminate against certain women?

No, absolutely not. Any size, shape or color woman can be up there. That doesn't matter. There are some other items up there too. There's a lot of pantyhose usually and some adult magazines and things like that on there. Socks are big sellers apparently.

You cater to fetishes, eh?


Miss Nude Dallas's name is Bianda Doubt. How did you come up with your name? I assume these aren't real names.

<laughing> Well, I came up with Barbie when I started dancing because all of the girls said I looked like a Barbie doll. And then I wanted a last name, too, because it was just cool to have a last name. It came about mostly from the "Benson" TV show.

<laughing hysterically>

Yeah, I was sitting around trying to think of one and we used to watch "Benson" all the time and I said, "Benson! That'll work!"

Did you watch "Soap," its predecessor, also?

A lot of times, yes.

The name Barbie led to lawsuits for you from Mattel . . .

They did send me a Cease and Desist order for my website, but that was quite a long time ago. There was some newspaper coverage of it here but they never contacted me again. I did hire a lawyer and intended on fighting it. It was just a matter of my lawyer writing a letter to them saying basically, "You have to be joking, right?" and never heard from them again. They backed right off. I believe it could be mostly because I'm in Canada.


There have been a few other people who have contacted me that have had sites with the word "Barbie" in them and Mattel did take them to court and made them take down their sites.

But not yours!

Nope, and mine was up before theirs. This happened quite a long time ago.

Bert and Ernie. Best friends or closeted homos?

<laughing> No! They're just buddies. They're a team.

You had another lawsuit involving them.

Yes. That was before the Mattel one, actually. It was also a Cease and Desist order to stop my Bert and Ernie show but I didn't stop that either. It was funny because when that one was going on a few people said, "Now you never know but you're probably going to hear from Mattel." It was almost exactly a year after the first lawsuit that I did hear from Mattel.

You'll still use Bert and Ernie on occasion?

Oh yeah!

How did you think to use them?

When I started dancing I used to do a Little Red Riding Hood show and I had a wolf puppet. Then a friend who used to come see me all the time brought me a Kermit the Frog puppet and so I started using that. Then I ended up getting all of the Muppets, including Bert and Ernie.

Who's your favorite biblical character? Do you have one?

Hmmm . . . I'll say Mary.

Do you have a reason you chose her?

Because she had to be a very strong woman.

Was Eve just a misunderstood creation of God or was she an evil, vindictive PMSing woman?



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