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Monica Bellucci

1968.  By all accounts it was a terrible year for the United States with protests, assassinations and wars running rampant.  But yet, in Italy, there was beauty being created.  Sept. 30, 1968, Monica Bellucci was born in the small town of Citta di Castello and thus, a landmark in beauty was born.

If you've heard the name before then you've been paying way too much attention to foreign movies.  Monica's been

in no less than two dozen, mostly Italian films.  She's been in two American films including Bram Stoker's "Dracula" (playing Dracula's Bride #3) and in the Gene Hackman snore, "Under Suspicion."  But this year seems to be Monica's year.  GQ Italia has just put out a 2001 TOTALLY NUDE calendar that exclusively features none other than our MVP of the Week.

35-24-34.  No, those aren't this week's lucky lotto numbers--they're her perfect measurements.  The girl even has a web site devoted entirely to her hands!  She's currently about to bust out in America with a movie called Malena where she plays the young widow of a WWII soldier who was killed in war.  Giuseppe Tornatore of "Cinema Paradiso" fame directs her bedroom eyes across our multiplexes this winter.

Look for her.  She's sure to add some spice and stuffing to our Italian sausage this holiday season

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