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The "Win a Phone Call from the St. Pauli Girl" Sweepstakes

Our Readers Have Spoken 
And the winner is...

More than a month ago we asked you a very simple question: "Why are you Neriah Davis and St. Pauli Girl Beer's #1 Fan?" Our staff combed through the emails to bring you five of the most . . . interesting . . . answers.

After weeks of polling, voting, throwing out those bastards who kept voting for themselves OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, we finally have a winner...

Congratulations to

Brian of Montgomery Village, MD

Here is his winning entry:

"I Am Neriah & St. Pauli Girl Beer's #1 Fan Because . . ."

From Brian in Montgomery Village, MD

"I've been a fan of Neriah's since March of 94, so I obviously noticed your mistake in identifying her as Miss March 1999. I've always loved St. Pauli's ability to combine smooth, rich taste with man's other past time, beautiful women.

And our already-determined "Runner-up" is Michael Beal of Belleville, MD. Michael wrote the following profound statement:

"Words can only describe Neriah's beauty in vain,  I composed this following poem dedicated to her, in hope of capturing your beauty.  I know this is longer than 50 words.  but I can't possibly describe to anyone how gorgeous and extremely sexy she is in so little words.    


Beyond reality 
Past desire 
Split from fantasy 
Lies an enchanting legend
For only the true of heart may experience
Deep into the forest 
Past the ruins of Granville 
One may find the Lake called Neriah 
Only the purest of heart enter 
One crisp morning  
As the dew collected, loons sang and  
Crickets chirped 
Mr. Granville set off for the lake 
The sun crept into the forest 
As the lake came into view 
Mr. Granville later recounted the following occurrence to his wife
I knelt down to get a cool drink 
As I looked up I saw her "Neriah"
The lost girl of the legend 
She wore a thin, light blue satin gown 
Ever so gently to wind hugged her 
She strolled the side of the lake 
Running her bare left foot through the water 
The forest didn't make a sound 
It was as if heaven had reached down and stopped time 
Neriah, was the angel sent to live in the pure moment 
She had long, flowing blond hair 
Two enchanting eyes as clear as the lake 
As she turned to greet the lake 
Her light gown slipped off her body 
The satin fabric rolled over her round, ample breasts 
I knelt in awe 
She slowly entered the lake 
As if to purify the waters 
I watched as she played and swam through its crystal waters 
After what seemed an eternity Neriah arose from the lake 
She gently strolled atop the water 
Light as a feather she glided to shore. 
Soft morning light nestled her venus like body. 
Neriah gathered her dress and disappeared into the woods 
I sat in wonderment 
Trying to rationalize what I just saw 
She must have been an angel? 

Brian has been contacted and arrangements are already underway for St. Pauli Girl Neriah Davis to dial up his digits and rev up his engine!!  Congratulations, Brian, and thank you to EVERYONE who entered and participated in the balloting!


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