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Admiring the Past By Looking to the Future

In a matter of days I will stagger into a new year reeking of cheap liquor, cigar smoke and, with any luck, sex. I won't hold my breath for that hat-trick, but crazier things have happened. Look at the events of the past year, for example--or, more poignantly, the last four months.

During the summer, a group of 

professional and personal colleagues, licking their wounds from a failed first-run at publishing a website, reconvened, brainstormed, and came up with a nifty little concept we called YourMVP Magazine Online. A site for men, by men--and women--the idea seemed to have merit. Unlike the previous attempt at publishing success--the ill-fated REACTOR-Mag.com--at least it had a defined focus.

YourMVP would blend funny, unique, male-oriented features and interviews with reviews and previews--and throw in a selection of hot, sweat-drenched female bodies just to keep things looking good. It was a recipe for success, we felt, and we

set about selling the idea to others. Emails and calls went out. Anyone that knew anyone that was anyone--and that owed our staff members a favor--was summoned.

The first "issue" of YourMVP hit the web on September 15, two weeks later than originally planned, but just in time to begin our forward momentum. Rena Mero  graced our first cover, and there's been no looking back since. 

That's exactly the attitude we're taking with us into 2001, too. Our momentum is buidling by the day. With our readership growing consistently, ranging in the hundreds-of-thousands of hits per month, we will soon begin to look for advertisers. (If you're interested in being a guinea pig--er, our first advertiser--drop me a note!)

As "business" starts to truly pick up, I personally guarantee an outstanding slate of editorial content for the new year. We promise to continue bringing you new and interesting celebrities and individuals for your reading--and viewing--pleasures.

To kick things off, January is diva month (it seems), as we trip the lights fantastic with dance music mavens Kristine W and Abigail. Never heard of these two house-music hotties? Well, fear not. We'll introduce you to these chart-topping club sirens . . . and, once you see them, you'll wonder why you haven't been hitting the disco more often.

For readers after something a bit kinkier, or perhaps more literary (now there's a combo!), YourMVP touches base with author Shawna Kinney. Our curiosity about her book "I Was a Teenage Dominatrix" needs no explanation, but this interview is not to be missed! If you do, she's likely to show up at your place, tie you up and slap you silly. (Hey, come back here!)

Our publishing calendar is full nearly through spring! For a publication that was nothing more than a well-planned dream just a few months ago, that's saying something. Come to think of it, it says that dreams and high hopes can come true--if you plan them properly. 

Maybe I'll take a look at that hat-trick again and review a way to make sure it happens just like I want it, too. There's got to be a cigar-chompin', Boone's-guzzling hooker in this neighborhood somewhere. Hell, that would kill all three birds with one stone and leave one hand free for ringing in the new year.

Now that sounds like a plan!


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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