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If I told you I can rattle off a string of features that make the Monica Lewinsky Cigar-shaped dildo unique from other products in its market, you might wonder how I spend my free time. (As if you don't already.) On the other hand, perhaps you realize I spent last weekend in Las Vegas, checking out all of the latest and greatest in gizmos and gadgetry as well as, yes, adult entertainment. (Only being in Vegas makes that

particularly different than any other weekend!)

From January 5-8, the Computer Electronics Show (CES) and the Video Sales and Distributors Association (VSDA) were joined in Sin City by the Adult Entertainment Expo, and I was on hand for it all. Getting to preview Microsoft's new Xbox, co-presented by the company's CEO Bill Gates and WWF superstar The Rock should have been excitement enough. How about rubbing shoulders with the best and brightest-- not to mention the most scantily clad-- in the adult entertainment industry? Viva, Las Vegas!

The greatest take-away from the weekend, however, wasn't the latest improvements in personal lubricants or how many adult stars I was able to meet. Instead, it was the marriage I noticed between information received at the "mainstream" CES shows and the story emerging from the Adult Expo. 

With more and more adult entertainers acting as their own webmistresses, the industry has grown increasingly sophisticated. E-commerce millionaires aren't exclusively bespeckled MIT and Stanford grads like you read about in the Wall Street Journal. Just look at past YourMVP covergirl Danni Ashe if you need further proof. 

This epiphany from the weekend can be boiled down to an increasingly evident fact about the Internet industry. Almost daily, software companies and so-called "legitimate" dot-coms are failing, yet the online adult industry is booming and remains profitable. At the same time, adult industries lead the way in innovations and value-added features which will, eventually, be used in mainstream Internet applications. 

Topics such as streaming media and video on demand were discussed just as excitedly at CES, by Internet geeks, as often, it seems, as they were by adult entertainers at their expo. Oddly, technology is emerging most prominently-- and more quickly--in the adult realms! Porn sites, hungry to serve new and increasingly profitable features to their paying customers, have nothing to lose by offering the most cutting-edge technologies. On-demand, pay-per-view video is now available through some sites--a technology that mainstream video sites are only beginning to consider offering.

Since our launch, YourMVP.net has addressed allegations that we are a "porn site." We support individuals in that industry, even featuring many on our site, but at it's core, YourMVP is far from "porn." After seeing how the black sheep of the Internet family are actually leading the way with so many interesting and innovative advances-- while staying in the financial black--the comparison could be viewed in a whole new light. 

We still consider ourselves far removed from "adult" entertainers at the base of what information is provided. However, once the reaction to those sites' content is put in check and dealt with on a moral level, it is easier to see such sites for what they are: successful customer-oriented businesses.

As that is a business model we aspire to in the near future, I'm suddenly a little less inclined to be adamant in denying comparisons to adult entertainment. In fact, presenting users with the hottest information, the most interactive content, and being profitable in the process, is an ideology more businesses should lean toward. 

As for that Monica Lewinsky apparatus . . . well, that's an emerging technology they can keep.


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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