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Embracing our identity

Recently, during an AOL chatroom conversation, when I mentioned that I'd met a particular celebrity recently, someone accused me of name-dropping. I tried to blow it off, saying it was simply one of the wonderful benefits of my job--but it was to no avail. I had been branded as surely as YourMVP has been branded "porn."

So, instead of denying it, I have opted instead to embrace the accusation--feel giddy for a minute--and admit something that almost makes me feel ashamed: Being the Editor-in-Chief of an online men's magazine definitely has its perks.

Since launching YourMVP in early September, and even before that--during the planning stages in August and July--I have found myself in some highly enviable positions. Not a week has gone by when I've not been in touch with (no, sadly not THAT kind of "touch") a Playboy Playmate, an internationally known singing celebrity, or a professional wrestling star. Why do I feel guilty about this? Because, readers, I'm no different than any of you! I'm a regular guy, doing a job that I happen to dig, and I'm getting to meet some incredibly friggin' cool people in doing it.

And then there are the OTHER perks! We're attempting to expand our presence and public awareness of our site off-line. In the past week, YourMVP has had representatives at both the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards and the Los Angeles premiere of the Broadway smash "The Lion King."

OK, so the bigwigs in New York City just stared at our webmaster Jim Jarrell blankly when he said he was representing "YourMVP Magazine, the hottest new men's online destination." I, however, faired a bit better and was given the red-carpet treatment at the black-tie Disney gala, which placed me next to celebrities such as Camyrn Manheim, Jamie Foxx and Robert Guillome. (Give it up for "Benson," folks!)

This all will allow us to better target you, our audience. We're searching high and low, on- and off-line, for subjects and celebrities of interest to you. (If you have an idea, send it to us!) In the process, we're unearthing some of the most unusual--and exciting--people out there.

Look for YourMVP's upcoming exclusive interviews with "Psycho Mike," an independent wrestling star who gives us the inside scoop on what it's like to get your ass kicked by WWF superstars day and night. Stay tuned as we get an update from Melanie Thornton, the voice formerly behind international singing sensations La Bouche, as she prepares her solo album. Don't go away, or you might miss out on our big announcement surrounding Melissa Bigham and Teri Byrne, a couple of former WCW "Nitro Girls"!

My personal favorite, though, is our exclusive with Barbie "Doll" Benson, a former Miss Nude Canada, Internet panty auctioneer, and total-package. Take a sneak peak at www.PantyAuction.com . . . or www.BarbieBenson.com. If you're lucky, maybe you'll catch her nude cooking show! Better yet, find out where you can meet her this weekend.

Name-dropping be damned, I love bringing this content to you every week. Reviews, wrestling stars, celebrities, naked chefs? Now that's entertainment, folks, and I love it!


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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