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Canadian Ingenuity

There are those that would argue our neighbors to the north (that's Canada for the geographically challenged) are more civilized than we Americans are. Then again, there are those that would argue that Britney Spears is a talentless piece of ass prancing around in belly shirts and painted on jeans (to which I would answer "So?"--but I digress).

In this update YourMVP presents a compelling argument that the former argumentative types just might be right . Instead of all of the pomp and circumstance of the recently held Miss America Pageant, Canadians have devised a plan to cut directly to the chase: Miss Nude Canada!

You read that correctly, dear readers. Miss Nude Canada. For over 26 years, Canadians have asked "Who needs the bathing suit and evening gown competitions, eh?" Instead they give you a pageant that your buddies won't harass you for watching. With categories like "Fanciest Fanny" and "Most Beautiful Breasts," why would they? You know they'd be on the edge of their seats to see who takes "Most Original Costume" and "Most Talented Performance." Of course, the girl everyone would want to meet, though, is "Miss Congeniality."

One has to wonder if this is a category Barbie "Doll" Benson won en-route to becoming Miss Nude Canada a few years back. This update's "cover girl," Benson is so sweet that, for a nominal fee, she'll give you the panties right off her . . . well, you get the picture. (If not, see a few in our feature article!). Benson and her partners--characters by the name of The Panty Master (I love that!) and Gypsy--run PantyAuction.com, a site that is exactly what it sounds like.

When not online hawking her unmentionables, she's whipping up feasts fit for a king on her nude cooking show. Man, no wonder those Canadians are so civilized. With women like Barbie showing you the ins and outs of the kitchen, what man wouldn't be willing to be just a little domesticated--and a lot more civilized (or, as they say, "civilised")?

To think, Canada gives us women like Barbie Benson--and what do we give them in return? Acid rain. Oh, well, who said life's fair? At least they're getting one incredibly cool thing from the U.S.--YourMVP Magazine, of course--so I guess we can call it even.


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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