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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's holiday time again.  Time for stuffing your face with turkey and the trimmings, belching, farting, falling asleep and waking up to repeat the cycle before heading out to start your Christmas shopping the next day.  At least that's what I do.  Usually. 

This year I'm doing something different.  On a bet from a friend, I started a high-protein, low-carb diet

several weeks ago.  In combination with tough workouts four times a week, I'm seeing dramatic benefits -- which is good.  If I couldn't eat pizza, drink beer, have a Big Mac or even a potato chip and wasn't seeing results, I'd be pissed beyond belief.

Since I'm not able to participate in the usual holiday festivities, I'm getting myself in the spirit in different ways.  I'm readying the YourMVP publishing calendar to give you, our readers, some very special holiday treats.  In addition to some outstanding upcoming celebrity features -- including spotlights on "Baywatch" and Playboy vixen Elke Jeinsen and rock group Samantha 7, which features former "Poison" guitarist CeCe DeVille on lead vocals -- we've got some terrific holiday-oriented content upcoming. 

The gorgeous Mona Madry is going to guide you through Christmas shopping that will not only make her fall madly in love, it just might make her fall in bed!  Sumptious Nora Goodwin is going to guide you through making the holidays less heartache and headache than you ever thought possible -- even if you have to "Meet the Parents."

That's coming up.  The holiday cheer begins with this update, though!   Look no farther than our cover story.  We are "B"-side ourselves with excitement to present a stocking-stuffer extraordinaire . . . 6-foot, 1-inch of stocking-stuffer, in fact --Julie Strain.  The former "Penthouse Pet of the Year" and Hollywood's reigning "Queen of 'B' Movies" talks tough on her current film projects, behind the scenes dish about Playboy's "Sex Court" and why she feels sorry for Geena Davis. 

If half-a-turkey and "Judge Julie" can't tide you over, check out our new CD and movie reviews.  Find out who we've named our "MVP of the Week." If you haven't already, sign up for our weekly mini-newsletter to let you know all the latest happenings around the site. With everything we give you week after week, every day is like Christmas at YourMVP Magazine!

While you're shoveling down the mashed potatos and Stove Top, keep me in mind.  I'll be here doing the high-protein thing and getting you the finest in women and entertainment -- which, I suppose, includes making sure that YourMVP stays full of hot, meaty interviews. 

Thankfully, I've checked and there isn't a carb or a calorie to be found anywhere on our site.  Imagine, all that . . . and nutritionally sound, too.  Is this a web site or what?


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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