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YourMVP shows its T&A

Welcome to YourMVP Magazine, an online site for men told from . . . what else? . . . a Male View Point. From the start, though, it is my goal to answer the average reader's most burning questions: "What sets YourMVP apart?" and "Why read YourMVP?" I can boil the response down to two simple letters: T&A.

That's right, T&A. Target & Attitude.

A magazine predominantly by men and for men, YourMVPb> touches on a cross-section of information we are quite aware various internet sources provide. These topics of interest to you, our target, are not enough to differentiate YourMVP from the masses. That responsibility falls squarely on the masculine shoulders of our attitude. Only YourMVP gives you a distinctly male twist to entertainment, and it is this attitude that sets us apart.

If not sold exclusively on our target and attitude, maybe any of the various other instances of T&A laced throughout YourMVP, the internet's newest male interest, arts, entertainment and fitness publication, will do the trick. Section by section, YourMVP's T&A becomes increasingly obvious.

Start, if you will, with YourMVP's daily smattering of timely & accurate entertainment and sports features. Courtesy of our partnership with iSyndicates, our weekly, in-depth features are complemented by fresh, informative daily updates. Further, our top-notch & ambitious staff injects humor and insight to make our content uniquely designed to the interests of the audience we aggressively plan to draw.

Our features, brought to you by a talented & acclaimed staff of writers, tackle the topics that have men talking. Whether it's the complexities of online pornography, building stronger biceps or following the latest news on celebrities of yesterday, today and tomorrow, you can expect to find it here. We consider our writers second-to-none, and we hope these features will eventually become the thrust & anchor of our publication.

Moving right along, YourMVP has vowed to champion the cause of the sexual underdog, and here to help is the lovely and talented Rina. In her informative, insightful "Ask Rina" column, expect Rina to give you a little T&A, too. Don't get your hopes up, guys! We're talking technique & advice here! A registered nurse working toward a medical degree, Rina plans to not only give you testimonials & assessments from the ever-mysterious female perspective, but use her medical background to provide tips & advantages that are sure to help you conquer even the most challenging sex-related issue!


When looking for YourMVP's T&A, don't overlook me! My views, whether readers find them titilating & adroit or tasteless & abrasive, might prove to be taut & addictive to even my detractors (who themselves could be labeled with T&A, though I assume most will lean toward the less-than-flattering thin-skinned & adversarial).

Last, and certainly not least, YourMVP provides our "MVP of the Week," which packs more T&A at a glance than any other feature. Chosen strictly for their talents & assets, of course, these women have so much "T&A" that might seem questionable that all is God-given. If possible, it might be thought that these women had some talent & assets injected -- but we know that's not feasible. We'll suffice it to say that when it comes to T&A, their cups runneth over, and who are we -- the publishers of YourMVP -- to deny this?


The YourMVP staff feels comfortable that our product is poised to move forward as we would like. While we are a brand new publication and certainly do not plan to intentionally alienate readers, some things are beyond compromise -- including our stance on T&A. Whether found in the off-beat feature subjects, the style of questions we ask our interviewees, the comments of our resident football enthusiast "Jimmy the Roman", or comments about our "MVPs of the Week," it is this T&A that will come to define YourMVP."

YourMVP provides information relevant to many, but it is the way we present it that makes it specific to the audience we want to attract, retain, and entertain. It is this unique combination of T&A that will be the trademark of YourMVP. Be forewarned. Some of what lies within might seem crass. It's quite likely to be insensitive.

And if those are your feelings, you're free to write to us. We want your feedback. Just don't expect much of a change. The magazine has been tailored to the audience we desire, our target, with an attitude uniquely its own. We feel it speaks to our intended followers. If the "A" is offensive to you, then perhaps you are not the "T" for which YourMVP is written.

In short, our stance in relation to T&A has been reviewed, and YourMVP is standing firm. Call us typically male, be we think that is the only proper reaction when it comes to T&A.

YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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