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It feels good to be needed...

Today at lunch, I was appalled. As I sat at a table, splitting my attention between a copy of "Maxim," planning next weeks' YourMVP update, and my Indian buffet, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation of four businessmen at the next table. Good lord, man, how our society's dinner time conversation has devolved!

During the course of the lunch hour can you believe that, while

"gigabytes," "outsourcing," and "micromanaging" were all mentioned repeatedly, not once did they mention "tits" or "getting laid"? At first I asked myself, "What kind of men are you?" And, (aside from the obvious answer that this is San Francisco) it was at that moment that I heaved a tremendous sigh of relief. It really does feel good to be needed.

YourMVP Magazine has a very definite place in this world, and those Dot-Com losers could use a serious dose of what we have to offer!

Those poor schmucks spent an entire hour talking about work when they should have been dishing on the important things in life. That's where YourMVP comes in. We'll tell you what those "important things" are. (And, I can assure you, they're not giga- or mega-related.) Whether it's catching you up on what former pop star Debbie . . . er, Deborah Gibson is up to or finding out the inside scoop on what makes your girlfriend tick, we've got it.

I suppose all of that might be lost on the group I overheard at lunch. Luckily these professional types aren't YourMVP's target audience. While San Francisco's Silicon Heads might not know their hard drives from handjobs, we know that you boys surfing the web from the luxury of your cubicle do.

Sure, you might be Joe Manager at work. But when five o'clock rolls around, you want to know what's hot, what's not, and what to do, see, and listen to over the weekend. Not to mention that you're looking to find anything that will make that girl you've been eyeing at the laundromat at least talk to you. And some gratuitous shots of hot chicks never hurt anyone! Don't fear. YourMVP has you covered.

So, sit back, relax, surf on over when the boss isn't looking, and leave the work to us. Be sure to hit YourMVP a few times a week, read through all that we've got going on, and you will never, ever be relegated to one of those boring tech-talk lunches.

As Editor-in-Chief of YourMVP, that's my solemn vow to you.


YourMVP Editor-in-Chief

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