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Elke Jeinsen:
Recipe for Seduction

Something about Scandinvavian women drives men wild.  Is it the blond hair and crystal blue eyes?  The curvaceous bodies?  Thoughts of being curled up next to one of these snow bunnies during the long, cold, lonely winter months of Northern Europe? 

Whatever the combination that captures the male imagination, model and actress Elke Jeinsen has the recipe patented!  The gorgeous blond, born in Sweden and raised throughout Europe, has been setting men's hearts aflutter since she appeared as a Playboy Centerfold nearly ten years ago!  Since then she's appeared in television and film, hosts her own websites, and even does her own web-design.

Elke returns to  the big-screen soon in "Crocodile Dundee in LA," the third installment of the popular movie series.  She's also in "Space Vixens," a made-for-internet film, scheduled for release next year.  In the meantime, the Playmate takes time out to give YourMVP Magazine's Sandro Galindo geography and vocabulary lessons, discuss her dreams, being in love and how she feels about her part in the "Charlie's Angels" movie winding up on the cutting room floor. 

Join the stunning beauty as she successfully answers nearly two hours of questions -- and wards off one very horny Business Manager's advances!

MVP: You were born in Sweden?

Elke: Yes. My father is from Sweden and my mother from Germany.

Are the meatballs you find here as good as the ones your mom used to make?

(laughing) No. 

Is Dolph Lundgren a big hero in Sweden?

I don't know. Why? 

Well, I was just in the Netherlands and saw a few of his films in the New Releases area. We in America don't even care about him anymore so I was just wondering.

Oh, I grew up in Germany and then lived in Italy for many years doing a television show called "Colpo Grosso" and now I am in the United States working hard. So I don't know about Sweden.

Do you know who Walter and Karl LaGrand are?

No, I don't. 

They were two German citizens put to death by lethal injection in Arizona for stabbing a police officer in Tucson after a botched bank robbery. The German government protested this by asking what right does America have to sentence two of its citizens to death. What do you think about this?

I think they did a crime in a foreign country so it is OK. If someone is coming into my country, in Germany, and doing something criminal or something they shouldn't be doing, they should be punished by our government. Why should America change the rules? Anyone else could have gotten the same sentence and gets the same treatment.

Right! What language do you dream in?

(pause) THAT is a good question. I have this dream where I am chased and chased and I am not sure from what I am running. I have it every night and I am afraid. (pause) But what language do I dream in? I have to say now it is English.

You own two chihuahua dogs.

Yes, one of them is here with me in America and his name is Chichi and the other one is in Germany.

Do you know what Chichi means in Spanish?

Yes . . . I think I do . . . it means "breasts."

I think it means a woman's private areas.

You mean below the waist? Oh well, someone told me breasts, but when I speak to someone who speaks Spanish I say his name is "Si-Si."

Do your dog and your gardener have anything in common?

(pause) They hate each other. 

Is Jenny McCarthy a good kisser?

No. How would I know this? 

You made an appearance on her show. 

Yes, she is a friend, but I don't know if she kisses good. 

When you were living in Italy all that time was it difficult for you to not stare at the hair above the women's lips?

What is that? 

When you were living in Italy, was it hard for you to avoid staring at the hair above the top lips of the Italian women?

(long pause then begins to laugh for a few moments before answering quietly) Yes.

You say on your web page that your brother is your best friend. What's his favorite color?

Mmmmm . . . I have to say black. (pause) And also yellow 

Like a bumblebee?

Yeah. You ask some pretty strange questions, you know? 

Thank you.

I have one favor to ask, please don't talk so fast. Where are you from anyway?


You talk so fast I cannot follow up! 

OK. I'll slow it down a bit. I have your résumé in front of me.

Well, great! 

You were in the "Charlie's Angel's" movie?

Yeah but they cut the scene out, to be honest. I worked two weeks with Bill Murray in a hot tub scene every day and that scene was not even in there. I mean not the scene when he was sitting in the hot tub. It's too bad, but shit happens.

Are you upset by that? 

Me? Not at all. I got paid for it so I don't care. 

You were on the TV show "Blossom."


What'd you do there?

Where did you see that? On ElkeJeinsen.com? 

Actually I got this off of ElkeJeinsen.de

There's no "Crocodile Dundee" on it? 

Yes, there is.

Because you didn't ask me any questions on that. 

"Crocodile Dundee" was a while ago though, wasn't it? 

No, it was just now! It's not even released! 

A movie or TV show?

A movie! 

There's a NEW "Crocodile Dundee" movie coming out?!

Yeah! Yeah! Maybe I should tell people that because no one is interested in that. And maybe because I didn't tell people that it was new. It's called "Crocodile Dundee in L.A." It's the third part. Yeah, it's a movie!

What do you play? What do you do in it?

I'm a girl in a party scene but with a

speaking part together with [Paul Hogan, "Crocodile Dundee"].

OK. Stephen Anderson is your improv comedy coach.

Yes and he's really good. I've had him for the past five years. 

So give me some quick comedy. Can you do that?


Oh. (awkard pause) All right.

OK, so Stephen Anderson is really good and I learned a lot and he gave me a lot of self-confidence and stuff like that, you know.

How's the German version of your web site doing? It seems a little bare.

My German web site? Good! I've done already two web sites and right now when we are done I'll be working on my portfolio that goes to ElkeJeinsen.de. I just came back from the print place. I have new headshots which I will post there. And maybe I will post my green card letter too.

That's in English?

Yes. It's 30 pages. It's everything about me. If I were to have the green card letter on there you don't even need to talk to me. It's everything about me, who I've worked for . . . everything.

Wow. You do style horseback riding?

Yes, professionally. I went to the World Championships in Kentucky three years ago. I was ready to do that but I didn't. 

Where's your favorite place to scuba dive? 

The Maldiven 


The Maldiven . . . American people don't know this place so let's make it easy. Say Cancun.

No! Well, where is it?

(laughing) Maldiven is how you spell it in German. The main city is Male. It's 60 little, tiny islands.

Where? Near Germany?

No! No! It's like Hawaii but it's the opposite side, like . . . not this ocean, the other one. 

The Atlantic Ocean? 

No, the other one. 

Let's see, there's Pacific, Atlantic, Indian . . . 

Indian! (pause) I think. And I got my scuba license over there.

On those islands?

Yeah. In Cancun I was scuba diving but I learned a lot on the Maldiven because it's really perfect for that, you know. We did an underwater commercial there for swimwear. 

I dated a full-blooded German girl over the summer and she had a dowry of approximately $30,000. Do you have a dowry? Is that normal?

A what? A dowry? 

Yes. It is when a man marries a woman, the family saves up money and things to give to the woman for the marriage.

Really? I don't know anything about it. I'm not married. I don't know. I've never heard about that.

Your family didn't save any money for your marriage? 

I bet if I want to marry, my family [will give] me money and that they will arrange the whole thing. They will pay for everything, I think. But I don't know because I've never asked.

So you're not thinking about getting married anytime soon?

No. When I have a boyfriend sometimes I think about marriage right away, in the beginning when I'm in love. The first month I think about getting married. Then after two months, forget it. I don't think about it anymore.

Today is the day after you and your boyfriend broke up. How are you feeling?

I'm really not in a good mood. 

How were your dreams last night? Did you dream? 

How were my dreams? I really don't remember. I just slept three hours.

What'd you do last night? 

Lately, I always sleep just three hours. I don't know why, I sit in front of the computer and I'm so tired I fall asleep right away, which is really good, but then I wake up at 5:00 then . . . I can't fall back to sleep.

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