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Elke Jeinsen:
Recipe for Seduction


Do you believe in UFOs?

Excuse me? 

Do you believe in UFOs?

In what? 

UFOs. You know, flying spaceships. 

"Yoofos" you mean. Actually, no. To be honest, no. 

You've never seen one?

I've seen one on TV. I did a space movie. (both laughing) But I don't believe in that.

(still laughing) What was the name of the space movie?

It's called "Galaxy Vixens." 

"Galaxy Vixens"?! Cool. It's not on your résumé though. 

It's not yet because it's not released. 

You were the centerfold of the May 1993 "Playboy," correct? A copy of that magazine in good condition is going for 95 cents right now on Amazon.com.

(gasps) It's on my web site for $35! 

Is it really?! (pause) $35?!! 

Yeah! On my Marketplace, autographed. 

Oh, this one isn't autographed. That'll do it.

So you can order just one magazine or you can order as many as you want?

This is just one. Someone at home has a copy and they want to sell it to the highest bidder. At the same time Pee Wee Herman has one 8 x 10 picture of himself, not autographed, going for $8.50. What's up with that? Do you know?

I don't know what that means. I mean, how stupid to sell a magazine for so low. Why?

You can go to Amazon.com and try to email the guy to find out if you'd like.

No. (laughing) 

Right. Why waste your time? Do you prefer to read books in German or English?

Actually, German. But I just bought a German book, it's a computer book and I don't get it. Computer stuff I can only do in English. 

Did your boyfriend bring that book for you during his last visit?

My boyfriend? 

Excuse me, Ex-Boyfriend.

Yes, he's history anyway. And no, I bought it. 

You bought a German computer book here in America?

No, I bought it in Germany because I have a computer also in Germany. When I go on my trips I can't live without a computer, I'm totally addicted. I'm hooked on it. The computer took my life away. (laughing) I have no friends anymore, I have just email friends.

Do you respond to a lot of your fan email?

Yes. I'm trying to. The last couple of months I was really bad, to be honest. I didn't respond to the emails for up to three weeks and it was adding up to 700 emails. So now I'm trying to follow up and I'm down to 250.

Nice! Do you have a fan club in Yahoo!?

No, but if you put my name in a search engine you'll see I have a fan club in Italy and in many other countries but I cannot follow that. Once I punched in Elke Jeinsen in a search engine and there were so many sites with my pictures. Some of them made me so mad because I didn't know about it. I didn't waste my time to look any further because you know, there is nothing you can do about it. (pause) There is something you can do, but then you have to sue them. I am not this kind of person, who likes suing someone.

I did a search of your name and got approximately 1,000 sites with your name in them.

What?! Really?! 

That's where I thought I learned your date of birth, but when I clicked on it it had someone else's picture on it with your name on it and they were born in Chicago.


Yes, and I knew you weren't born in Chicago. 

Ha! That's interesting. OK, I'll [check into] it. I'm changing my mind a million times today. It's really not my day, I'm going from "yes - no, yes - no, yes - no."

You should really check it out. Because there's someone there with your name that was born in Chicago. Maybe they were born with that name. 

OK. I'll check that out! And how many sites were coming up? 

I think there were about 1,000.

1,000! That's good to know for the next interview. 

(both laughing) Why is that?! You have another interview?!


Do you hang out with any other Playmates? We just interviewed Julie Strain, do you know her?

She's my friend! Julie's also on my web site. 

Oh yes, I saw the New section. I saw the pictures of the Playboy Halloween party on there.

Yeah, the Halloween party is with Julie. She is a really good friend. You probably didn't see her because she is shooting all of the pictures in my members section. So I'm sure you did not see that and I don't even want you to see that.

OK! (laughing) I'll stay away! Answer me this, I grew up really nerdy. No girls talked to me for the first 19 years of my life.


I was really short, I was really fat, I was into computers and really good at math. No one talked to me.

You were short and you were fat? 

I was 5'1" and about 180 lbs.

Now you're tall? 

Now I'm 5'11" and 170 lbs. I've fantasized about women like you most of my life while I was growing up. What would it take for a guy like me to come up and talk to a girl like you?

Is that a question for me? What do guys think? 

What would it take to talk to someone like you?

A lot of courage. I mean I have these fans that keep emailing me and writing letters, but then when I see them in person they don't have the courage to talk to me. Like at the Glamourcon they have the opportunity to see us. They send us letters and emails for years. So then all of a sudden they see us in real life. They walk 10 times around our booths before they have the courage to come, stand in line and say something. They're sweating. And if they buy a picture with you, like a Polaroid and you put your arm around them you can feel their heart beating. I swear to God it's true. They have a big mouth but when it comes to the point where you're in their face. . .

They're little boys.

Yeah. Little boys. Yeah, and many men are afraid.. I believe this is true and I believe it is my problem with men . . . Many men are getting self-conscious, is that the right name? When they see the woman is powerful and successful. This is very true.

What about your last boyfriend? Was he like that? 

I don't know. I guess so. There are many men that cannot handle it if you are actually successful. They seem kind of . . . I don't have the right word. What is the word, help me. They feel kind of, not stupid but they feel like . . .

Less powerful? I'm trying to think of the right word.

You should know! 

(laughing) I should know?! I was born in Mexico!

Yes, but you are in this country probably longer than I am. 

Yes, I guess I have been.

It's not self-conscious, it's the opposite. 

Well, whatever it is, those men aren't secure, I'll tell you that.

Right! This is the word! Insecure! That is the word! (laughing very hard) It's fun talking to you. Insecure. I've been searching for this word forever. He was insecure and he is insecure. (still laughing)

You're saying most of your men are insecure?

Yes. I make them insecure.  I do it not really on purpose. I am not easy, OK. But if I know I can make them feel insecure, then if I want to make them angry I do it on purpose.

That's not right, I know that, but I am like that. I can put them down easily.

How many times have you been in love? 

How many times what? 

Have you been in love? Or, have you ever been in love? 

Oh yeah. Twelve times I was in love. 

The first time was when?

The first time was when I was 13-years-old. 

Who was it?

With a German guy. I was with him three years! 

Was he older or younger?

Younger. He was exactly nine months younger. I remember that.

Do you think if you saw him today you'd remember him?

You know what, I saw him recently. I had a job in an expo in Germany in Hanover. I was taking pictures and signing autographs and he was an engineer or something, he was fixing something electrical [at the Expo]. He had his own company and then he came over and he said, "Hi." I did not recognize him. He lost his hair.

(laughing) Did he look sexy without his hair? Some women like that.

No, he does not look good at all. When he was my boyfriend he looked good. I couldn't understand that. He does not look good at all. He doesn't give a shit about how he looks. 

Maybe it's because he's married?

He has a family and stuff but it's so unusual for me that people don't care how they look.

Well that's L.A. Los Angeles is very much like that. My best friend says you get "love handles" when you're in love. That's why they call them that. Your last boyfriend still cared about how he looked.

(sigh) You know it makes me just angry, some stuff, but, you know. Forget it. Did you see [my last boyfriend] on my web site?

No, I may have. 

He's under the Friends and Stars. His name is Dirk. 

OK, this is my last question. I don't think you answered this question from before, what do you know for sure?

What do I know for sure? Yes, I did answer the question, I said I will be rich someday.

You'll have your million dollars one day.

Yeah. Did I say that or not? That is what I know for sure. Also that I am not going back together with my boyfriend.

Is that a good thing? 

It is a good thing but I have to work on that really hard. 

Have you spoken to him today? 

No, he didn't call me. (pause) And I won't call him, that's for sure this time. We broke up before once but this time it's for sure.

On your upcoming trip to Germany do you think you'll call him?

It happened last time that I was in Germany, he kept calling me and then I saw him. This time I really want to look for a different boyfriend, that's for sure.

In Germany. 

Yeah. You asked me what do I know for sure, hey I know for sure I want to search for a new boyfriend.

In Germany.

Ehhh. . . I'll start in Germany. 

Right, then work your way back to the United States? 

The American men? I don't know. 

What about Mexican men?

I had a Mexican boyfriend in Cancun. 

How'd that go? 

Crazy! Good! (laughing)


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