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Mylene Farmer

Americans love French things. French fries. French kissing. French ticklers. Pepe Le Peu. Slap a French name on something and even a skunk sounds so much sexier. While the name Mylene Farmer doesn't necessarily sound French, it has become an institution to Francophiles everywhere--and is plenty sexy to those in the know.

Over her 12-year singing career, Farmer has racked up 22 top 10 hits in her homeland and sold millions of albums worldwide. Her most recent smash "L'histoire D'Une Fee, C'est..." (which

reportedly translates as "Dress Me Like a French Maid and Smack My Ass!") is pulled from, of all things, the "Rugrats in Paris" soundtrack.

It's her bombshell looks that capture us, as well as her sexy, often ambiguous music.

Known for her expensive, long-form music videos--many of which view like a movie short--and extensive stage shows, she is compared with Madonna. The fact that she's appeared completely nude in a number of these videos surely furthers the comparison. 

We at YourMVP salute this cornerstone of French popular culture. And, as an award for being named our MVP of the Week, we're offering her a personalized tour of our very own Eiffel Tower.



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