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Boobs in the ring...

...or modern day Rocky?

For most of us it's in our mid- to late-teens that we begin to fantasize about two girls getting it on. For most of us it's a dream not soon realized. And for so many women the question is, "Why do men always want to see two women in bed together?"

Perhaps it's the thought of that extra skin ending up in such unique places, or those soft, gentle curves rubbing up against one

another. Or perhaps it's the thought that women may indeed want sex as much and as often as we men want it. We want them to be just like us!

To explore this theory you may need to look no further than the average boy's childhood to find the one defining moment where these thoughts take root: witnessing a girlfight. Your childhood and those loud, raucous clubs with way too inebriated babes are about the only places you may witness such catfights but Hollywood is taking a different track.

A few weeks ago a small, independent film that has the same power, if not more than witnessing your first girlfight, made its national debut. The film is appropriately titled, "Girlfight."

"Girlfight" was written and directed by newcomer Karyn Kusama and if this work is any indication of her talent, Kusama has a long and encouraging career ahead of her.

"Girlfight" takes place on the mean streets of New York City where we find Diana Guzman (Michelle Rodriguez) living with her brother Tiny (Ray Santiago) and her father Sandro (Paul Calderon) in the Brooklyn projects. Diana is the high school student you'd name "Most Likely to End Up in Prison or Dead Before the First Reunion." She's tough, abrasive and can be easily provoked into a fight if she feels the other person "deserved it." She's a trouble maker to her teachers and she's no stranger to the principal's office.

Eventually Diana stumbles into the boxing gym where her bookworm brother is training to be a boxer. Soon enough she becomes intrigued and begins to train, unsure of what she's getting herself into. After several weeks of lessons she begins

to fight on the amateur level. It is here where she begins her fights not only inside the ring, but outside as well.

Kusama does an amazing job with such a small budget. The world of amateur boxing hasn't been portrayed in such a light since the original "Rocky" film. Through her direction the audience's feelings begin to grow toward Diana and her many challenges. We want Diana to work hard and win, persevere and eventually overcome.

"Girlfight" is a story not unlike its main character--full of power, strength, endurance and emotion. It's a film that will bring a breath of fresh air to the soul and joy to the dulled senses of moviegoers everywhere.

Treat yourself to this "Girlfight," it's sure to be one both you and your girlfriend will enjoy without the psychoanalysis afterward.


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