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Stacy Keibler

World Championship Wrestling is clearly in second place in its war with the World Wrestling Federation.  The storylines aren't as interesting.  The competitors aren't as well-known.  And the fueds aren't as hot.  But the women are.  Take, for example, our MVP of the Week Stacy Keibler. 

This 21-year old Baltimore-born beauty started with WCW over a year ago as Nitro Girl Skye.  Soon she was transitioned into the role of "Miss Hancock", the stern- 

faced, bespeckled censorer of all things "proper" for airing on television.   But under under that business suit and librarian's hairdo was a girl that just wanted to let her hair down and dance . . .

And she did -- much to the delight of men everywhere!

The fact that she was a sexpot was apparent.  The 5'11" Keibler's super-mini skirt showed off a phenomenal set of 41" legs, toned by years of dance training.  Prior to being hired by WCW, she spent two years as an NFL Cheerleader, giving the Baltimore Ravens something to crow about (despite their lackluster on-field performances).

Male hearts around the world sank this fall when it was announced that Keibler declined a six-figure offer to appear in "Penthouse."  However, if WCW wants to see ratings (and libidos!) jump in the coming months, they'll return Keibler -- and Miss Hancock -- to active on-air duty. 

In the meantime, we can only sit and jealously wonder what her fiancee, wrestler David Flair, ever did to catch the eye of this bombshell . . . and name her our MVP of the Week.


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