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Bobblehead Bullshit  

Chipper Jones Bobblehead

Why do people collect crap? Giving stuff away to get more fans is not a new phenomenon.  Bats, balls, player magnets, posters, and mugs have long been acceptable give away items.  Several years ago, beanie babies snuck their way into a few ballparks&ldots;but bobblehead dolls?

Bobbleheads - long a member of every fan's trophy case - were goofy-looking, generic figures that would wear the local team's jersey.  They are more like a team pennant than

figurine. And no god-fearing fan would ever dream of "collecting" them. 

Of course, this is the&ldots;what-do-we-call-it, the '01's? - the new millennium.  For whatever reason, bobbleheads somehow turned into dolls depicting particular players, i.e. Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, etc.  Now, there are even folks keeping statistics on how players do on their bobblehead day.  We have sunk to new lows.

The Monthly Purge

It's binge and purge time again. No, not like a 12-year-old TV teen. I'm talking about the monthly wave of player evaluations, followed by a bevy of moves. If you are going to be a competitive GM/owner, you better get used to this monthly drill. As I mentioned last month, you should conduct a position by position evaluation. And, just like last month, I screened for July stats ONLY. Just like Janet Jackson, as Fan Owners, we only care what players have done lately.

CLICK HERE to view the statistics.

Locker Room is written by Michael Skordeles

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