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Interleague Play 

As I suffer through another week of meaningless interleague games (like Detroit vs. Cincinnati), the thought occurred to me . . . I better get used to this crap. That's right folks, I said get used to it. This is the fifth season with interleague play.

If you haven't checked the numbers, Major League Baseball has. And the attendance numbers are showing that YOU like it. (Of course, I stress YOU because I hate it). The average attendance for INTERleague games is 11.7 percent greater than the INTRAleague average. To the league's bean counters and schedule makers, this is a good thing because, as we all know, money drives EVERYTHING. They say that you like the geographic rivalries. Huh? Why do fans in Cincy care about Detroit? There is not a rivalry there, especially since they only see them once or twice a year. Heck, most fans don't know the other INTRAleague teams, let alone the interleague teams.

One of the biggest reasons why I hate interleague play is that it's unfair to the American League teams. The National League pitchers bat every game, the AL pitchers ONLY bat in NL parks. The NL pitchers take batting practice several days a week ALL SEASON LONG. Most AL pitchers have not seen live pitching since high school or college. In other words, the average AL pitcher has about the same chance as you or I at getting a hit. Now I'm not trying to debate the designated hitter rule -- which I am against -- that's a whole other story. My point is that until both leagues play by the same set of rules at all times, it's not fair to play without the DH. 

There are other reasons not to like whole interleague schedules . . .  like losing the mystique of the World Series. Part of the deal is that you are playing the other league champion -- someone that you have NEVER faced -- so that there are no familiarity advantages for either team. Last year's so-called "Subway Series" was a farce since the Yankees had already faced the Mets in the middle of June. They knew their pitchers, they knew their hitters. It wasn't truly a unique situation like previous World Series in which the teams never faced each other. 

Why not make the season 15 days shorter so that people in the rust belt don't have to watch early and late season games with a threat of snow? Less games?! What are you, a communist? We can't loose the revenue, belly ache the owners. It's crap, I tell you. I predict that interleague attendance will decrease as the novelty wears off. But, in the hunt for the all mighty buck, apparently no one cares about the fans or the game.

Locker Room is written by Michael Skordeles

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