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The Mailbag...
What our readers are saying about YourMVP


I'm glad guys really are as disgusting as us women think they are.  Now it's really no mystery.  Anyway, just a clarification, Nick Carter dumped Willa Whore, not the other way around.  It's great to see that a slut and a user like her catches your eye.


If her mother knew she used language like that, she'd surely take away little Grace's Backstreet Boys fan club membership! Besides, she says "slut" like it's a bad thing.


Hey . . . who is the Flix guy David Fago.  I have been reading his reviews, but he is not listed on your staff.  So far I have agreed with him on both of his reviews for "Shrek" and "The Mummy Returns."  I just wanna know who this guy is, and why he is such a damn wise guy?


-- Jack Downey

I've known Fago for years, ever since college, and it's just like the punk to pay you to write in. Just like that little bribe he offered me to vote for him as Fraternity President . . . If you get the feeling that this website has a Frat-boy feel, it's because that's not far from the truth. When I puke in the hallway, the feeling will be complete. We hope to have Dave's bio up before then.

Solicitation?  Ok, we don't mind!

[I] Would love to be your MVP of the week.

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-- Laura 


If someone told us a year ago that we'd be turning away hot chicks, we'd have laughed in their faces. If you've ever met our business manager, you'd have laughed twice as hard. He doesn't turn away any chicks! Now, Laura, we can't let you nominate yourself for MVP of the Week, but we'll post your link:

Laura's website

Like A Pig In A Puddle

First of all, Paul, all men are not pigs. 

Second, we don't look at sexy women every time and think that we need to get them in bed.

The fact is that the first initial attraction is there, yes. But when I look at beautiful women I always wonder what is behind those beautiful faces. Can they carry on conversations? Do they have brains? Can they relate to me? Are they so full of themselves because of their beauties? Do they share my interests and activities? 

OK, OK, those are just full of craps. I succumb an urge to repeat after you, except with a twist: "boink."

- Nick

Ahh, yes . . . a man after my own heart! Damn pig.

Rock On Already!


Who gives a damn about this stupid girl-band being formed by some bimbo wrestling chicks (can we say "boring").  When are you guys going to go back to doing good and fun interviews with people we care about?  I liked the stuff you did with Debbie Gibson and the dude from Samantha 7.  Why not do more of that stuff?  These other things are BOOOORRRRRINNNGGGG!


Don't get your shoulder-length, badly bleached hair in a knot. We're going to be talking to Phil Varone from Saigon Kick and Skid Row this month. That oughta give you a good fix of Rock'n'Roll. I can't help you with the Prozac I would highly recommend, though.

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