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Simone Müterthies

What's it liked to be recently ranked the 57th most beautiful woman on the planet by a major mens magazine?  Well, if Simone Müterthies is ranked that low it can only mean there are over 50 clones of this wunderbabe running around in bikinis somewhere . . . which makes this a good time to be alive.

Simone was born in Germany and is pretty new to modeling, but she's a woman in demand.  While she's pretty famous in Europe, she's just starting to get her feet wet over here in America and let's just say

there won't be a shortage of men lining up to dry her feet each time she arrives.

Don't think there aren't some brains behind that beauty either, she was recently quoted as saying, "The more I grow up, the more I like doing sexier things . . . Once you get to know your body better, know how to move it and lose the fear, you learn how to show yourself to other people." Is that genius or what?!

As a German, Simone knows her booze.  She's been known to complain about how weak American beer is and can even tell when a drink she orders has been watered down. 

And finally, as if all of this and her picture don't put her at or near the top of your A-list, she hates tan-lines and loves G-strings. "When you're lying in the sun and cream's all over you, you definitely want to be free."

To Simone Müterthies we raise our Wiener schnitzel and steins and say, "Fahrvergnugen!"


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