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Romantic dates of the new millenium

Dinner and a movie will work on any first date, but that has been overdone. Have you met someone really incredible? Someone that has mesmerized you so much that it took you a month just to get the courage to ask her out? Well, don't treat her as you would any other date, show her you are a classy, romantic stud!

With today's society and the feminist movement, an ordinary date doesn't work because women of the millennium aren't ordinary. They have careers, money,

and experiences that will match up to any man of today. So here are some ideas that are sure to make her think "If he is this good out of bed, he must be fabulous in bed."

MORNING DATE -- There is nothing wrong with having an early date. Maybe your schedules are such that this is the only time you both have open for weeks. Well, grab it and show her the time of her life. Start with bringing gourmet coffee to her house and a bag of groceries to make her breakfast. Something simple like fresh fruit, bagels, and muffins if you aren't familiar with a kitchen. For those men who know their way around a kitchen, do something like banana-stuffed French toast. And don't forget to bring oranges for fresh squeezed juice. Next do something weather permitting. A trip to the zoo, hike some trails, visit a museum, walk on the beach, go tobogganing, take advantage of your particular landscape and weather. If you are both athletic, take an indoor rock climbing class, or kayaking. Is there an open air market in town? Stop there and buy some fresh bread, wine and cheese to take to a park. Even if you are new to a city, ask around, most major cities have a free paper with a listing of all the events around town. I always think it is nice to do something on a date that allows the people to actually talk. Might as well find out early if you have enough in common to talk for a couple hours with each other. Have places picked out for lunch already, that way you won't be stuck coming up with a fabulous place at the last minute. You could even have flowers waiting at your table for her, if you really want to impress her.

EVENING DATE -- Meeting for a drink is always a good starter. Just make sure you pick a place that fits your style, try to avoid the normal after-work places that are crowded with people looking for 20-cent wings and 40-ounce beers for only $2.00. If dinner is involved in your date, pick a quieter place so you can talk. Get ideas from a local bookstore to find your city's most original romantic places to dine. Then find a club or organization that is having a free concert in the park. Get tickets to a jazz concert, theater, or sporting event. Take a ride on a horse and carriage downtown. Or just walk downtown, admiring the lights, buildings and the city that brought you two together. Drive through an old neighborhood with vintage houses and make up stories about the people that live there. During the Halloween season, carve pumpkins together.

If you have the money and really want to impress her, how about flying to the next closest major city and spending the day there? There is an airfare war going on right now, take advantage of it. Just make sure you do some research so when you get there, you have something to do. If that is too expensive, try taking a train. It is less expensive and probably more fun! If you are really adventurous, how about going skydiving?

Remember--you want to do things that allow the two of you to get to know each other. Things that will allow each of your personalities to come out. The trick is to ask her if she had anything in mind that she would like to do (so you don't seem like a control freak), but add that you have a great idea if she doesn't mind you planning it. Women love men who can plan and be creative.

Bringing flowers is always a good idea--get her favorite if you can find it out without her knowing. Women like to get flowers not because they are so beautiful but because it shows us you were thinking about us before the date even started. If you get them from the grocery store, remove the tag--that reflects a last minute thought.

And what about the age-old question--should I kiss her on the first date? Well, here is some safe advice. If you had a fabulous time and are sure to have a second date, don't kiss her. I guarantee she will be thinking about you, the date and what it is like to kiss you for days to come. This drives women wild! If you are a true romantic, kiss her hand at the end of the date. Don't attempt this unless you really mean it though.

NEXT WEEK . . . .after you have had that fabulous date . . . are you nervous about getting her in the bedroom? Relax, read next week to learn about women's bodies and exactly what we are feeling when you touch us there! Don't know where there is? Then you need to read next week!


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