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Behind the scenes at Bachelorette Parties...what really goes on!!

Last week I promised to take you behind the doors of a bachelorette party. I know I often wonder what you men do at bachelor parties! Here are the highlights from my bachelorette experiences...

The night starts out with some drinks and girl talk, the usual catching up on each other's boyfriends, sex life, family life, and, of course, some reminiscing. Most likely there will be a tender moment between the girls when we all start to cry because we are so happy to be friends with each other (I can't picture this happening at a guy's

bachelor party). By this time,we have been drinking for awhile so if anything crazy is going to happen, this is the time.

The crazy part of the night depends on what kind of friends you have. I have a particular group of friends that always end up naked whenever we get together! There is no lesbian attraction between us, we just do it for fun. And yes, we did do it at the last bachelorette party. We pranced around naked for hours, taking pictures in very provocative ways. The bride and her maid of honor even frenched kissed at this particular party. They just wanted to do it once before the wedding (neither of them are lesbians).

Now, not all bachelorette parties are like this. Another one I attended recently was a fully clothed party. We danced all night long and persuaded men at the bars to give the bride their underwear. You men are very easily persuaded by a group of drunk girls! And to any guy who ever gave his underwear to a bride at her bachelorette party, CHEERS to you! This is a way-cool thing to do, and if any girl in the party is out for some action, she will likely pick one of the underwear-giving men! But remember, this act does not give you the permission to hit on every girl in the party for the entire night. Also, stealing the party camera and secretly taking a picture of your bum hole in the bathroom is not sexy (yes, this happened to us). I love a man's body, but that is one part that is not meant to be seen up close.

The night is not complete without the bride throwing up and crying about how much she loves the man she is going to marry. Of course, the next morning we recap the entire night. I am not sure why, but we do. This is an innate trait of women. Men don't seem to have the desire to do this. Maybe you can tell me why.

So any man who is on the path to marriage, don't worry about your fiancee's bachelorette party. They are all in good fun. I have never ever heard of a bride looking to get laid on her last night out as a single woman.

So how about sending in some of your stories? What did you do at your last bachelor party?

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