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Shae Marks:
Not Your Typical Model

Shae Marks has blue eyes like an angel -- and the body of a she-devil! Anyone that has ever seen the former "Playmate of the Month" can attest to that. Since her first "Playboy" appearance in 1995, Shae has been a staple in the Empire Hef built -- and has graced countless other magazines too often to count.

Starting in January, though, the busty brunette will take time away from her growing Internet presence (she claims to spend over 40 hours a week online!) to appear in our living rooms every Monday night as part of the Sci Fi Channel's new series "Scorpion."

First, however, she takes time out to discuss with YourMVP Magazine her success in Canada, her dependence on Astrology, and what it takes for a man like you and us to pick up a "Playboy" model.

Shae Gets Personal

YourMVP: What was it like growing up in the New Orleans heat?

Shae: New Orleans is fun! But you're below sea level so the humidity factor is huge if you're not used to it. I love it there, it's very tropical. I enjoy tropical weather. It's probably the closest to a European city that you can get in the south. It's a port city so it's very similar to a lot of port cities around the world. It's got that same kind of European flavor.

Did you say, "I'm going to start getting naked because it's so hot down here in New Orleans?"

(laughing) I think you're so free in New Orleans. It's very European in its mindset. Take Mardi Gras, girls are naked or flashing their boobs for beads. Sexually, it's very free. So I think it was very easy to end up doing what I do and not have pressure to do otherwise because of the environment.

You've said you like intelligent and witty men. What about you? Are you intelligent? Are you witty?

I think I'm pretty quick. I've always liked talking to people that would just bounce back and forth with ideas. You can learn so much in some conversations and walk away with nothing from others. I really enjoy people that when you walk away you've gotten something. It doesn't have to be profound, but at least you've gotten something. I think it means they're really listening and communicating.

Right. How'd you meet your husband?

He was sitting in my seat on a plane. We have the primo love story. (laughing) I was ten minutes late for a flight, my first trip to Los Angeles. Playboy had called and they were test shooting me to be a playmate. I was going to stay at the Playboy mansion. He was early and jumped on an earlier flight than he was scheduled for. He shouldn't have been on my flight. I was late so they gave away my seat. When I got on the plane it was a full flight except for the only seat available which was next to my original seat.. which was next to my future husband.

Did he use a pick-up line or was it just the way he looked at you?

The flight from New Orleans to L.A. is four hours, so he's said that he had four hours to convince me to go have cocktails with him. And I did.

What does your husband do?

He owns an oil company. (laughing)

Does he really?! Did he inherit it or did he strike it?

He created it himself. I obviously don't go for guys in my business. I told you, I go for brains!

You're right. Have you been out there to see him working?

Oh yeah. He's had the company since before we met. I've been in the fields and been all over. It's fun.

Have you ever played in the oil or done a shoot in oil?

Before we started dating I did a video for Playboy that was shot in the middle of an oilfield. It's kind of a joke now. Who knew?!


You've recently spent some time in Canada doing a shoot for your new show coming up on the Sci-Fi channel.

That's right. I spent two weeks in Vancouver doing a television show called "Scorpion." [I play the] Mayor's secretary, Babette.

Do you have any big, starring moments? Any wet t-shirt moments?

That was my first recurring role. It was a lot of fun to do and I'm in almost nothing for the majority of the show. Babette's suits get smaller and smaller as the show progresses.

Are you guys contracted for an entire year?

We filmed an entire season, so we shot 22 episodes and I was in 13 of the 22. [We] start airing Monday nights at 9 P.M. in January.

You'll be facing off against the WWF [which occupies the same time slot on TNN]. Women in professional wrestling seem to be the big thing right now. Would you ever do a wrestling appearance?

Five years ago I did a guest appearance on the WWF as one of Triple-H's escorts into the ring. I wore an evening gown and walked him into the ring, went to my seat and cheered for him. I think it's a lot of fun but I'd pass. I'm into fitness, not muscle. (laughing) And some of those girls are huge!

Some of them are! Were you paid in WWF stock options for walking him down the aisle?

No, but I should have been, given the popularity of the show. I like the "Ultimate Fighting Challenge" better, though.

Have you ever taken part in any of that?

No, but we've watched just about all of them. <pause> I've been looking at that TiVo.com and if you could only see a list of the TV shows that I watch <laughing>. That alone cracks me up. We run the gamut. "Sex and the City" is the new favorite. "West Wing." And then "Ultimate Fighting Challenge" and then "Star Trek."

Who's your favorite Ultimate fighter?

[Former WWF wrestler Ken] Shamrock!! That's really sad that I know that. (laughing) Yes, he's been a champion for a long time. I don't know that he is the current champion, though.


Do you ever plan taking your company public like the WWF? Do you have a company?

Yes I do. Shae Marks Productions. (pause) I don't know.. the site evolves and changes so much that who knows what's going to happen in the next two years. It's turning into a magazine format now which is wonderful. It's the only way to house all the content that we have. Who knows what will happen next.

So you're not ruling that out?

No, I don't rule anything out. I've learned my lesson on ruling things out, they always tend to happen.

What's the biggest business mistake you've made thus far?

Not paying attention to a contract when I first started modeling. Then finding those pictures on the cover of greeting cards for Hallmark and not being paid for it.


Yeah. But if that's the worst then I'm not doing too badly.

There are two of your magazines up for auction currently on Amazon.com. One is a 1997 'Newsstand Special' for Playboy and that's going for some good money. Why do you think that is? What's the appeal? Do you sign any these things?

I've checked Ebay also and I don't quite understand why. Maybe it's just easier for people to buy it at an auction. Nine times out of ten you can go to the Playboy store online and order the same magazine for half the price. I guess they're paying for an autograph.

You sign a lot of things?

I sign thousands of things. Guys come to Glamourcon and that's what they do, they're professional autograph dealers and they'll give me thirty pieces to sign of things that I've done throughout the years.

And you do it for free?

No, it's a charge at Glamourcon. People send me fan mail and they have a picture inside that they'd like for me to sign. I just sign it and send it back to them. But when you're at an event like Glamourcon that's what it's for. It's an autograph signing event where the collectors can bring their items to be signed. A lot of the guys will say don't personalise it because they're going to sell it.

You first posed for Playboy six years ago. When was the last time you posed for them?

The last time was probably '96 or '97. What happens is they'll book you for a day and shoot you. That film will appear in the magazine for years. They might shoot ten to twenty rolls of film and if you think about it, when they put out an issue on a girl you might have just a few pictures. They've got tons of backlogs. I went to the Chicago Playboy offices about four years ago where they have files of pictures on each girl. They were letting me go through the files and see the pictures that I have there. It was amazing the amount of film that just never showed up in the magazines, so I know they've still got tons of stuff.

As you grow older and you look back, are there any regrets that you have?

Any regrets? (pensive pause) I had a ball! I don't really have any regrets. (pause) The only regret that I do have is not getting a degree. It's not so much for lack of work. I think it's just a personal satisfaction that will be difficult to explain to my kids when I'm demanding that they go to college (laughing)

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