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Shae Marks:
Not Your Typical Model



Looking at the younger women today, do you want to give them any advice as far as coming into the business?

I'd want to say to every young girl that comes to L.A., especially if she's nice: it's a difficult town. It's very easy to deviate from your set path and your goals that you have for yourself when you get there. It's very easy to be swept away and unfortunately, for the most part, those things that you're swept away by are not for the betterment of you.

Do you give this advice to some of the girls that come to you?

A couple of girls. I couldn't help myself.


Yeah, I loved them and I thought they were great. I was seeing where they were headed and once you're here a couple of years you see the success stories. You see the women that come out, they've got a talent whether it's acting or modeling or whatever that and they've got to get to a certain area and they're here to work and they do well. It's really fun to watch them climb up and get great jobs and make a great career. Then you see other girls who have a lot of potential and get caught up in other things. Maybe it's a rich man who's going to take her away from everything. You see them a few years later and they're gone. They're back home in Kansas or wherever they were from. It's always the big fish in the little ponds of the world that end up in one place.

Is there some generalization you can make about models?

They normally don't get anything! (Both laughing) You know, I've been really lucky. The girls we've worked with are great, but we pick the girls we work with so I think I've definitely tailored the people that we shoot. I just don't have time in my life for people that have no purpose, and a lot of the models that I've run across in the last six years really don't. They don't know where they're going, they don't have a goal, a purpose or a plan.

Have you made anyone a star from your website?

There are a couple of people that had newer sites or maybe didn't have a site when we shot them and they're now doing really well. We get a lot of traffic to the site so the girls definitely benefit from that traffic. We do a rotating "Girlfriend of the Week" on the front page so each week one girl gets featured on the front page with a direct link to their site. I've gotten a lot of great feedback from that. The girls get a lot of traffic. It really helps the new discoveries and the people that may be struggling to make a name for themselves.

You have six Yahoo! fan clubs and yet you only respond on one. Why is that?

I have one official Yahoo! fan club. I have so much work between acting, modeling, running the web site and we also run another girl's web site, which you just featured, Kaila Yu.

Oh, right!

I'm a partner in her site. My partner and I run her web site. There's so much to do and I really want to keep in touch with all of the fans that are on the Yahoo! club so what we did is we put up one official Yahoo! fan club. People know that if they leave me a message there I'll respond.


Are you going to be watching the Presidential debates this week?

Oh yeah! I watched the ones before too.

You've said before that you'll be voting for Bush. Your mind is 100% made up. These debates aren't going to help you shape your opinion?

You have to make your pros and cons list. Overall no matter if there may be a few issues where I'm in agreement with Gore, the Bush camp has my vote.

Do you think that would surprise your fans in the Yahoo! message boards?

It's funny, I had a chat last week and someone asked and I said Bush. There were 12 people in the room at the time and nine of the 12 were in agreement. I'm not real political (laughing) so I try to steer clear for the most part from those questions. Every once in a while if I get asked that I'll answer, but I don't make it a habit.


Is Hugh Heffner a good kisser?

I have no idea! (laughing)

I just heard a pick-up line. "Fuck me if I'm wrong, but haven't we met somewhere before?"


If someone said that to you would you admire him for his creativity or would you slap him silly?

I probably wouldn't slap him silly because anyone who has the balls to actually voice that out loud is probably pretty funny.

Let's say my girlfriend and I are going to a wedding and she says she can't find a dress that will look good on her. I think it all looks great on her because she's got a great body. What do you say to a woman who feels insecure about her body even though she looks good?

It doesn't really matter how you look to other people if you're not looking good to yourself. I would say to go sit somewhere by yourself and grab a Deepak Chopra book. My favorite book by him is The Seven

Spiritual Laws of Success. I think trying to fit yourself as far as the outer shell goes is not going to help build confidence. I really think it comes from the inside. Maybe taking two hours of personal time and reading a short book like that will get her grounded and make her see how beautiful she really is.

Do you wear a watch?

Occasionally. I normally tell time from my cell phone which is always on and usually stuck to my ear.

Are you worried about radiation to your brain?

Oh, I've got enough things to worry about. I'll stick that one on the back burner.

Right! Would you mind being cloned?

I wouldn't mind being cloned but I would like for the clone to have one flaw that I don't have just so that I would always know that I was a wee bit superior.

Maybe a little dumber?

A little SOMETHING (laughing). I wouldn't want to compete with myself.

There are a lot of weird lawsuits out there. Have you ever been involved in a strange lawsuit either someone suing you or you suing someone over something strange?

No I haven't. The one thing my partner and I have going for us is we both believe in astrology (laughing). We had an astrologer tell us separately on two different occasions to really pay attention to contracts. They said that someone was going to try to slide something by. We've really been careful and I don't sign things on the spur of the moment so I feel lucky.

When did you get into astrology?

Years ago. I have a huge library behind me right now. I have a big bookcase and I'm very compulsive so everything is separated into categories. I have one whole shelf that is astrology.. greek mythology... numerology... palmistry... massage... anything to do with the spirits. All of my inspirational books and my Deepok Chopra books, all of those are there. The Celestine Prophecy is another favorite.

Does your husband ever read any of these with you?

I bring them upstairs, but he's not really into astrology. I think a lot of us aren't, but he's entertained by it.

What is your favorite book?

I think The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is my favorite. I read a lot though so it changes weekly. (laughing)

Your time in Canada must have made you popular. To Canadian Amazon.com users, your video 'Return to Savage Beach' a bigger seller than 'Mary, the Mother of God'. Why?

I don't have an answer to that. (laughing)

Do you have a home in Canada and where you just buy a whole bunch of them and send them to yourself?

I'm buying them back for myself! (laughing) No, I wouldn't do that.

Do you sell the videos out of the trunk of your car?

No, I never have anything on me. People always ask for an 8 x 10 or something and I never carry anything on me.

What would it take for an average guy to date a Playboy Playmate?

Just be real and don't mention the fact that she's a Playmate, whatever you do! (laughing) Dwelling on that does not get you anywhere.

So if I pulled out her 8 x 10 and said, "Can you sign this?" that wouldn't go far?

Well, when they say, "Your centerfold was my favorite!" then you feel like you're dating a fan (laughing). It's a little strange. Just be your own person because the girls are all just real people too. We've just had an unusual fifteen minutes in the sun. And where they take it from there... you know... to each their own.

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