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Disney Rival Hopes to Cash-In on New Animated Feature

Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow lead a cast of fairytale characters down a fun and witty path for Dreamworks' latest 3-D computer-generated animation. Shrek (Myers) is an ornery ogre who wants nothing but complete privacy. After Shrek scares off a posse of men who have come to kill him, he finds himself in a new dilemma thanks to the evil Lord Farquaad

(Lithgow). Farquaad systematically rounds up all the fairytale characters in order to kick them out of his kingdom. He then places these displaced citizens onto Shrek's personal swamp. Shrek wants the refugees off his land, and confronts Farquaad. Shrek reluctantly takes his talking wise "ass" donkey pal (voice of Eddie Murphy) along for the trip.

Meanwhile, Farquaad no longer wants to be just a lord, he wants to be a king! But in order to be a king, he has to marry a princess. Farquaad is a coward, and suffers from other physical shortcomings, so he seeks someone else to rescue the princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) for him. Shrek agrees to be the rescuer if Farquaad removes the fairytale squatters from his swamp. The main catch is that Fiona is being held hostage by a giant, red, fire-breathing dragon!

The lead character voices are what make "Shrek" an enjoyable film. Murphy plays a wonderful talking donkey that never shuts up; Lithgow is one of my favorite villains ("Ricochet," "Raising Cain," "Cliffhanger"), and Mike Myers ("Austin Powers" series, "Wayne's World") uses a slight British accent when voicing for the brute Shrek. You totally expect Shrek to look at Princess Fiona and say, "Do I make you horny, baby?" Parents--fear not--he does not say that!

Mike Meyers stars as the voice of the Title Character in Dreamworks' animated summer blockbuster Shrek

Favorite scenes include a "Matrix" type fight scene, and a hilarious scene where one of Farquaad's guards tortures the Gingerbread Man. Directors Andrew Adamson ("Romeo Must Die" and "Lethal Weapon 4") and Victoria Jenson team up with Dreamworks ("Antz") to bring us this film that's fun for the whole family. "Shrek" gets four out of five stars because it is enjoyable for the whole family. It should win over summer audiences of all ages as proved by the opening weekend box office results. This film is based on the children's book "Shrek" written by William Steig. The film is rated PG for mild language and some crude humor.

Review by David Fago

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