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Adriana Sklenarikova

As the editors of YourMVP, we have many decisions to make on any given day. One choice that was hands down (and perhaps a little too "hands-on") easy was whether or not to make Adriana Sklenarikova our MVP of the Week.

Check out that 5' 10" frame . . . those golden locks . . . and lips that would make the dark in your next pint of Guinness turn to light for an opportunity to touch them.

Born in war-torn, communist Slovakia in 1971, Adriana has become a bombshell of her own. She's currently living in Madrid with her soccer star hubby (cough cough... LOSER...cough cough) Christian Karembeu. Her mug's graced the cover of magazines all over Europe and may be better known to Americans as the model for one of the greatest inventions known to man, the Wonderbra.

We at YourMVP salute you, Ms. Sklenarikova, for making our jobs so easy . . . and so enjoyable.


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