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Sofia Lopez

Since near the beginning of time man has always had one very serious question to ask himself when choosing a mate:  beauty or brains?  That's something to think about when you're about to propose, but when you're picking your Most Valuable Piece of the Week, there's absolutely no question about which to go for. 

This is Sofia Lopez.  Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.  Gorgeous! Straight, jet-black hair, a curvaceous body, full lips, tanned skin and a really cute, little belly button.  She even comes with the requisite foreign accent so many of us adore. 

She enjoys speaking of her native country by saying the beaches and the mountains are beautiful where she grew up.  And even though every guy reading this wouldn't mind surfing up to her beach and checking out the view of those mountains, there are some aspects of this girl some may not be able to overlook.  "I always think about family before I do anything." She has two brothers and two sisters.  This may be an awkward situation when trying to get her in the sack.

When looking for her fantasy guy she doesn't care about what he looks like. "I really do look at the soul inside," she claims.  And while she also says, "Sexy is having a good personality," we're not so sure she's one for conversation with proclamations such as bikinis "are good to get a tan in."

Given all of this, we don't care.  She has one more year to complete her college degree but we're already giving her an honorary degree from the U. of MVP, a Ph.D. in being FINE.

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