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Paul Pratt,

Balance is important in the life of Editor-in-Chief Paul E. Pratt. Without it, there isn't sufficient time to spend admiring the . . . skills . . . of Britney Spears and watching WWF Smackdown! Self-labeled "recovering white trash," when not at Wal-Mart Paul spends his free time enjoying California living, driving too fast with the top down on his Jeep Wrangler, and hitting the gym. Somewhere in that mix, he will also be overseeing the growth and creative direction of YourMVP Magazine.

Paul honed his editing skills through a series of gigs at print and online publications, most recently REACTOR Magazine (www.REACTOR-Mag.com). His content ideas for YourMVP are driven by years of fraternity house living and postcollegiate housing with an aspiring "Latin Lover."

Loved and admired by his millions . . . and MILLIONS . . . of fans, Paul manages to stay humble by remembering the little people that have made this all possible--namely Great Lakes Higher Education. Without GLHE, however, he wouldn't have obtained his degrees in political science and speech communication. (There's your advertising plug--the student loan payment is coming!)

Sandro Galindo, Business Manager

A man with limited time, YourMVP Business Manager Sandro Galindo squeezes in the essentials. When not running one of Ohio's most successful Mexican restaurants or attending graduate school, Sandro is training for a 13-mile race and trying his best to pick up chicks (and sometimes actually succeeds).

One of the best natured guys you'll ever meet, the chicks dig his sensitive side--and the rest of us love how easily we can make fun of him. After all, he's YourMVP's guinea pig and inspiration for such possible features as "The World's Worst Pick-Up Lines" (find out which will get him slapped by an unsuspecting shoe-shine girl) and "I Think My Girlfriend's a Lesbian." Poke fun at him if you like--we do daily!--but he's a man to know. After all, he aspires to be Mayor of Cleveland someday!

Jim Jarrell,
Web Master/ Designer,
Jimmy The Roman

Jim Jarrell is a 28 year old Graphics Specialist for an international management consulting firm by day, and YourMVP webmaster and featured columnist by night. He is also an aspiring stage director/actor/singer who recently took the plunge into the city of New York after five years in Cleveland, Ohio. He likes to read, watch television, see movies, hang out with friends and enjoy the New York atmosphere. In addition to YourMVP, Jim works as the Executive Producer for an online serial fiction community called anewvintage.com. Jim holds a BA in Broadcast Communications, with concentrations in theatre and music.

Laurie Ryan,
Copy Editor

Laurie Ryan is YourMVP's obsessive typo-catcher extraordinaire. Or Copy Editor, or Grammar Goddess, or Typo Tramp...whatever you prefer. A Cleveland, Ohio, native with a BA in English, Laurie brings more than five years of professional editing and proofreading experience to YourMVP. When her eyes aren't crossed from editing all day, she can usually be found poking fun at people who say and do stupid things.

Darnell Frazier,
Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development for YourMVP magazine, Darnell's duties include researching, matching, and contacting potential funders. Through daily application of his Masters in nonprofit organizations from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Management, Darnell has a rich employment background that includes everything from nonprofit executive management to corporate financial management. His greatest business reward is finding the perfect match between client and funder through team facilitation.

Mike Skordeles,
("Locker Room")

As YourMVP's resident Sports Junkie, Mike writes the Locker Room. His columns are intended for every sports fan but he also brings us the Fantasy Spin; hence his nickname . . .  the "Fantasy Spin-Doctor"   Look for "Fan Spin" alerts throughout his articles as a clue that the information following the alert has particular insight for the Fantasy audience. You can email Mike with your questions and comments at skordeles@att.net.



Mitch Worthington,
Staff Writer

YourMVP writer Mitch Worthington was born in Georgia, raised in Texas, and sent into the world from Idaho. This adequately explains the inbred, size-obsessed, potato-laced flavor his pieces often assume. However, if readers should detect a hint of bloodthirstiness in his writing, or perhaps small sections of drunken rambling, these can be explained by Mitch's current five-year commitment to the United States Marine Corps. Add to that the fact that he's an avid listener of country music (among other types), and we feel the need to say no more.

When not in front of his computer or doing his best to help Tom Cruise handle the truth, Mitch enjoys watching, reading about, and embarassing himself while making a pathetic attempt to play sports. Other interests include travel, world history, and trying in vain to have a semi-functional dating life. If you would like to contact Mitch, or are or know a single female under the age of 27, drop him a line at 100percent@stud.com. Just kidding. Since Loser@YourMVP.net was taken, Mitch accepts email at Riverside007@earthlink.net.


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