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"Steve". . .

The best a man can be

Y2K? This is a question every movie junkie seems to be asking themselves this year. Why, at the cusp of the new millennium, can't Hollywood put out a

film that stays in your mind longer than a Russian nuclear submarine can stay afloat?

Do we really need to see Tom Cruise flying through the air in Australia? Who jumped the fence at the asylum and handed Madonna another script? What kind of cruel trick is it to release a PG-13 rated film with five way-hot babes holding nightly wet T-shirt contests in a bar they own?

The fact is, if we, the simpler of the species find this stuff dull and loquacious then what are our dates to think when we say to them, "Hey babe, let's go drop 15 bucks to watch Jennifer Lopez's ass in a skin tight outfit for a couple of hours." It's no wonder why many of us are placing our arms around empty seats these days at the multiplex.

But now, a mere nine months into the new year, a film has emerged with enough wit, charm, wisdom and dexterity to please you, your date, the chaperone and your potentially new sister-in-law. It's called "The Tao of Steve."

You may ask, "Who is Steve?" when the more appropriate question should be, "What is Steve?"

"Steve" is Steve Austin, none other than the coolest six-million-dollar man around. "Steve" is Steve McGarrett, the hippest 5-0 Hawaii has ever had to offer. And finally, "Steve" is the mac daddy of mac daddies, Steve McQueen. And to be a Steve you need only to listen and learn from the film's leading man, Dex.

Dex isn't your typical leading film star. He's about 100 lbs. overweight, he holds a part-time job as a kindergarten teacher and his method of transportation breaks down early in the film. Dex is what many would think of as a loser. Instead we come to learn Dex was once the big man on campus in his college days. He was a thin, intelligent philosophy student with a never-ending supply of women beckoning for his attention.

Ten years and a few hundred Whopper combo meals later, we find Dex's appetite for women and food have only grown exponentially. We find him at his 10-year college reunion where he picks up and later beds the attractive student barmaid. With a heavy dose of charisma and a pinch of intelligence it seems he can land dates with the best of them. However, none of this is by coincidence. Dex has and lives by three rules that constitute being a "Steve."

The plot centers around what happens when our hero finds the woman of his dreams and finds himself breaking all the rules he and his friends have adhered to for so long. Throughout the film the rules are explained, explored and finally exorcised. It's through this journey of self-discovery that Dex finds who he is and what life is truly about. It's done in a way that makes the audience feel satisfied and not at all cheated, something Hollywood has not been very successful at all year.

Along the way we're treated to a couple of good pick-up lines, some fun, sexually tense moments and a few instants where every guy in the audience finds himself going through some introspection of his own days as a "Steve" wannabe.

Donal Logue as Dex plays his part and holds his extra weight well. He carries a certain air of confidence that is rare even in the most handsome of leading on-screen men. For this, Logue won the Best Actor award at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

See this movie! It's sure to be a hit with you and the many dates you find as a result of "The Tao of Steve."

Written by Sandro Galindo

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