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Julia Stiles

As "Kat" in 1999's big screen smash "Ten Things I Hate About You," Julia Stiles inspired men everywhere to take a second look at the bit... er, tempestuous women in their lives. Sadly, most just turned out to be the nasty shrews we thought they were instead of a tasty hottie hidden behind a rough vaneer, as Stiles portrayed!

Born in 1981, Stiles took to the arts at a young age. Early experiences included contributing to the now-defunct, New York-based children-written magazine "ZuZu." She chronicled her own experiences in performing arts, including first-hand tales of appearing in a Cyndi Lauper

video. Since then, her writing experience has grown--topped by a submission to the Sundance Film Festival's writing jury, cowritten when she was only 16!

While the only formal acting training Stiles has had was through a YWCA course, she has used her girl-next-door looks and ample talent to land a number of film roles--and some awards! In 1998, Julia was named Best Actress at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for her role in Michael Steinberg's "Wicked," which also starred Rosie O'Donnell and the equally delicious Claire Danes. 


In addition to her modern-day spin on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," Stiles has gone all medireview on us by appeared in "O," an update on "Othello," and opposite Ethan Hawke in a revised "Hamlet." You might also remember her as one of the few saving graces in the Brad Pitt/Harrison Ford silver screen snooze "The Devil's Own." It was "Ten Things," though, that cemented her place in movie-goers' hearts . . . and thoughts.

For those not hip to the neo-Shakespearean vibe, check out Stiles this coming January in the youth-oriented flick, "Save the Last Dance." Looking hotter than ever, and maybe recapturing some of the sexiness we glimpsed during her drunken table dance in "Ten Things," Stiles portrays a white girl struggling to make it in the world of hip-hop dance. Oh, man . . . we can't wait!

Finally of legal age for our lusty thoughts, "Last Dance" heads up a full plate of forthcoming films serving Julia for our viewing pleasure. Until she's back on the big screen, though, she's our holiday gift to you . . . as she garners our "MVP of the Week" award! 

Admit it, Gentlemen. "Ten Things" left you saying, "That's one shrew my trouser ferret would love to tame!"


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