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Trish Stratus

What makes Canadian Trish Stratus prime MVP of the Week material? Is it "T&A"? No, not the tag team she managed upon entering the World Wrestling Federation. That other kind of T&A--the one that makes her 5'2" body so incredibly easy on the eye. 

A former fitness model, Stratus made her Federation debut a little over a year ago backing two burly 300-pounders by the name of Test and Albert--T&A for

those not in the know. She's been turning heads and turning up hormones ever since. 

Stratus has since ditched the tag team and moved on to bigger and better things. Now she's in a high-profile storyline playing WWF/XFL czar Vince McMahon's on-air girlfriend. Not only is he a billionaire, but he considers cozying up next to this buxom blonde "work." Lucky bastard!

Rumors abound that Stratus might be the next WWF Diva to grace the pages of Playboy. It won't be Test and Albert clearing the way for her if she does. Chyna and former YourMVP covergirl Rena "Sable" Mero have already done that. 

Even without the tag team, Trish has more than enough T&A to fill the bill--and Playboy is as fine a place as any to display it. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for naming her our MVP of the Week.


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