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Summer Singles Heat Up Airwaves
From Christina & Missy to Aerosmith, Stars Ready Radio Onslaught

As the winter thaw sets in, record labels scramble for the hits that will be booming from speakers through the long, hot summer months.  Fans of every musical genre can rest easy knowing summer always means the best music - and there's never a better time to be a radio listener. 

Hot on the heels of her "Best Female" Grammy, Macy Gray lends her distinctive vocals to the thumping beat of The Black Eyed Peas' "Request. Line."  Channels clamoring for new material from Gray should jump to add this to their playlists, and fans her breakthrough hit "I Try" will certainly appreciate this cut.  Meanwhile, don't miss the intensely enjoyable bass-heavy, hip-hop remixes.

Speaking of remixes, disco fanatics should check out the latest from Daft Punk.  With a full-length effort, "Discover", in stores now, look for this Grammy nominated group to once again inundate dance-floors with their unique Euro-pop sound.  It's certainly more enjoyable than the watered down beats of novelty acts like ATC [whose "Around the World (La La La La La)" was cute for about 15 minutes, which is about

Janet's new album cover

10 minutes longer than their fame will be].

Equally dance-floor friendly is the latest from Janet.  The smoldering "All For You" only hit radio weeks ago, but it already seems like a mainstay.  Expect Miss Jackson (because we know you're nasty) to rack up her tenth Billboard #1 single en-route to the release of  her forthcoming full-length disc.

The same can easily be said for "Survivor," the latest girl-power anthem from Destiny's Child.  As the group readies its third album, the follow-up to their platinum-selling "The Writing's On the Wall," they stand poised to continue the dominance that yielded three chart-topping singles.  (Rumors that the quartet-turned-trio will begin

Will Destiny's Child be a "Survivor" through the summer?

regularly adding members and then vote one out after every hit, to support the "Survivor" theme of the album, appear to be false.)

Rock fans shouldn't fear.  With Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" in stores, and "Jaded" planted in the Top 10, Boston's favorite bad will certainly serve up a blockbuster-sized summer smash.  Odds-on favorite is "Outta Your Head," a hip-hop influenced track that shows the band is capable of growing without losing sight of their rock roots. 

Additionally, Nelly Furtado's stellar "I'm Like a Bird" is finally catching on at multiple formats.  This young Canadian is finding a home at stations from Top 40 to album-oriented rock - so a needed injection of fresh young talent is on the horizon.

Country chantuese
 Jamie O'Neal

Over at country stations, Jamie O'Neal - the knock-out blond from down-under - is set to follow her breakout #1 single "There Is No Arizona."  Regardless of which track she selects from the amazing "Shiver" CD, it's bound to be a hit, and radio programmers should jump at the chance to play it.  Hopefully it will be the blues-inflected "The Only Missing In My Life (Is You)." 

Possibly the hottest single being serviced to radio is the multiformat remake of the 1976 smash "Lady Marmalade (Voulez Vous Couche Avec Moi Ce Soir)."  Even as her single "Free" climbs 

the charts, Mya joins all-stars Christina Aguilera, Li'l Kim, Pink and Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott on this smokin' retooling of the LaBelle disco classic.  Expect the familiarity of this song about a New Orleans prostitute to combine with the respective stars's popularity to make it  the summer's most sure-fire hit.

Whatever type of music you enjoy, summer will bring your fix.  Now just roll down the window, put the top down, and turn the radio up.

Written by Paul E. Pratt

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