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Thandie Newton

Maybe Thandie Newton was a new face when she appeared opposite Tom Cruise in the big screen blow-'em-up "Mission:  Impossible 2" this past summer.  If you have an eye trained for babes, though, you know that she's appeared with Cruise before -- in 1994's "Interview with a Vampire" -- where she played a Creole slave whose suspicious ways made her dinner for the dubious dead men walking.  Since then, men too many to count

have dreamt of dining on the delicious Zambian . . .

A true "nubian princess" (her mother is a Zimbabwean Princess from the Shona tribe), Thandie's family relocated from Africa to the United Kingdom when she was only five.  She took up acting after an injury forced her into "time off" from dance -- and she landed a lead role in the critically-acclaimed Australian hit "Flirting."

The star of previous films such as "Besieged" and box-office failure "Beloved," Thandie was scheduled to keep her momentum going by capitalizing on the fact that she has the face of an angel.  Were it not for scheduling conflicts, Thandie -- not equally babe-a-licious Lucy Lui -- would have joined Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz as the Gen-X trio of "Charlie's Angels." 

Instead she's been given some deserved time off to enjoy her 1998 marriage and the subsequent birth of her first child -- and, of course, being named our "MVP of the Week."


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