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Willa Ford

There are a couple of things a woman can do to grab our MVP of the Week award. First and foremost, she can simply be an amazing piece of ass. The second is a little more subjective: She can do something very, very cool to capture our attention in addition to our libido. In the case of rising pop singer Willa Ford, she manages to do both!

The 5' 7" blond is clearly a hottie. She has the face of an angel. And, despite

sounding like Britney-lite, she has a body that makes you hope she isn't kidding when she sings her major-label debut "I Wanna Be Bad."

Even better, though, is the fact that this curvaceous cutie - even before she's truly hit it big - has a series of websites dedicated to her . . . but not how you think. Unlike Britney and Christina or even that second-rate Mandy Moore, little girls aren't flocking to buy this girl's records. 

Instead, they're working double-time to build "Anti-Willa" sites. Our personal favorite is: http://spazekadet.homestead.com/Introduction.html, which declares it tells "The Story of a Psycho Bitch Named Willa." 

And what exactly has this delicious little diva done to raise the ire of the pre-pubescent crowd? Well, it seems that 20-year-old Willa dated-then-dumped Nick Carter, beloved member of The Backstreet Boys! In this soap opera for the training bra set, Willa - who toured with BSB under her nickname "Mandeh" - left Nick after she used him to get a record deal! 

Now, THAT's the kind of chick we here at YourMVP like! She's hot, she used and abused a member of one of our absolute least favorite music groups, and now she's dancing around in next-to-nothing proclaiming she "Wants to Be Bad." If there's ever been someone more fitting of MVP of the Week honors, we have yet to meet her! 

Now, Willa, if you're looking for someone new to help further your career, we're willing to slap you on the cover of a certain website whenever you want if you'll dish out a little of the punishment you gave Nick Carter . . .

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