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Script Falls Short But

  Gibson Uncovers What Women Want

It's a question that has been debated since the beginning of time. Plato and Socrates, perhaps the two greatest philosophers in history, wondered about it. William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright we've ever known, wrote about it. Albert Einstein, the greatest scientific mind of his time, formed equations about it. So it's only fitting that Mel Gibson, arguably the most talented

actor of the last 20 years, take his turn at trying to solve the most puzzling puzzle of them all:

What do women want?

In Paramount Pictures' "What Women Want," Gibson ("Braveheart," "Lethal Weapon") plays Nick Marshall, the almost-perfect man's man. He has a different woman every week, he shows up to work three hours late, and he's just good enough at BSing to hold on to his job. The only thing that holds Nick back is that, well, he's a male. A woman is hired to do the job that Nick was supposed to be promoted to, and a few drinks, a blow dryer, and a bathtub full of hot water later, Nick is granted a gift he never asked for: he can hear what women think.

At first, he gets freaked out, but a visit to a counselor (Bette Midler) convinces Nick that he can put this gift to work for himself. So, he puts his newly acquired talent to work on his new boss (Oscar award-winner Helen Hunt) and tries to get his job back. Little does he know, his boss has a little talent of her own.

Gibson is a classic actor, who has proven time and again that he can act in whatever kind of movie he's put in. However, it's been about 10 years since he's done a strictly comedy flick, and "What Women Want" shows us that he hasn't lost his ability. He plays both the arrogant jerk and the sensitive feminine male equally well, and he even throws a Sinatra-esque dance routine in. The talent doesn't drop off after Gibson, either, as Hunt and Marisa Tomei ("My Cousin Vinny," "The Watcher") both do very well opposite Gibson.

The script, however, is a different story. The first part is great, but once Nick discovers that he can use his talent to his advantage, the script kinda tapers off from there. The ending is more confusing than a Florida vote recount, and it kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you leave.

Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson star in Paramount's What Women Want

But through everything, it's very apparent that Mel Gibson knows what he's doing. He acts brilliantly in the movie, and just that alone makes the movie worth seeing. It's not the best film that's come out this winter, but it is in the top half. And above all else: Mel Gibson does his best to answer the question of what women want:

Mel Gibson.

Review by Mitch Worthington

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