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What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Having To See This Movie...

What's the worst that could happen? Well, for starters, you could shell out eight bucks to see this lackluster comedy. Martin Lawrence ("Big Momma's House," "Life") plays Kevin Caffery, a trendy thief who has flare and style. He has a big plan to rob the empty beach house of unethical billionaire, Max Fairbanks (played by Danny DeVito). While Caffery is pilfering the beach house, Fairbanks happens to show up, call the police, and have Caffery arrested.

Fairbanks tells the police that a certain "lucky ring" is his property. This just happens to be Caffery's "lucky ring," which was given to him by his sweetheart.

The rest of the film is tied to Caffery trying to get his ring back, while Fairbanks plays his own pranks on the offensive. The premise of the story could have been very solid, had the writers decided to make a believable situation out of it. The writers decided, however, to throw in funny one-liners, and gag costumes to enhance the comedy of the film. Caffery's 14-inch afro was pretty funny, and if you happen to enjoy the sights and sounds of canines breaking wind, then this film is for you.

Director Sam Weisman ("The Out of Towners," "George of the Jungle") makes due the best he can with the script he had to deal with. The direction of the film isn't half bad, as he keeps the story going by tying in several different comedic scenes. Needless to say, Weisman will not be winning an Academy Award for this performance, but neither will

Martin Lawrence and Danny DeVito star in MGM's What's The Worst That COuld Happen?

DeVito or Lawrence.

The biggest problem with "What's the Worst that Could Happen?" are the trailers advertising the film. The trailers for this film reveal way too much to the audience, and ruin the basic structure of the storyline. This made the film too predictable, although I did laugh. John Leguizamo ("Titan A.E.," "Summer of Sam") plays Lawrence's sometimes funny sidekick, and William Fichtner ("Drowning Mona," "The Perfect Storm") plays a suave police detective.

Hopefully this film will not be the summer's only comedy worth seeing. The film is actually good for a few laughs, as Lawrence and DeVito make the film mildly entertaining. The film has been rated PG-13 to lure younger audiences, and has a running time of two hours. Even though I laughed, I am giving this film 2.5 out of 5 stars because it could have been so much more.

Review by David Fago

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