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If it seems like everytime you turn around you're getting email about some really cool Internet service you belonged to that is suddenly merging with Yahoo, it's probably because Yahoo has become the largest and most used "everything" service on the Internet. Gone are the days when they were just another search engine. Now, they sell jewelry, host web pages, monitor your site statistics, conduct polling, etc., etc., etc. There's nothing they can't do. In effect, Yahoo has become almost larger than the whole Internet itself.

Enter another larger-than-life entity. He goes by the name of Weird Al Yankovic. Well, Al is up to his old tricks, doing what he does best: poking fun. The object of his good-natured ribbing? You got it--Yahoo!

At his Yahoo parody site, Weird Al has taken the super giant Internet service to task, and modeled his satire to look just like the Yahoo site, all the while navigating to spots that only Weird Al can take you. There's "Weird Al News," "Weird Al Pages," pictures, and the largest online shopping center of exclusive Weird Al merchandise. Who could ask for anything more?

Yankovic.org is bound to at least make you smile, and exploring through the various links will take you to some laugh-out-loud destinations. And that's why it's YourMVP's "Link of the Week."


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